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MeSsAgE tRaNsMiTtErS

Long ago there occurred a war between a very cruel nation and a very good nation. The cruel nation captured many POWs (Prisoners of war) during the war. But that's something that every nation does during war. The evil nation brutally tortured the captured prisoners.

The second problem with that nation was that it did signed agreements for release of prisoners but never released them . The POWs of both the countries were supposed to get released from their Prisons after 15 years in captivity. The good nation released its prisoners but the evil and cruel nation did not. It offended the good nation and its people. The families of the good nations had waited quite long for their loved ones to return home but they did not return. The good nation tried talks with the cruel nations but the cruel nation did not agree, nor listened to the talks of good nation for peace and moderation.

But since the good nation was good so it I was not interested in war but wanted to get its people released from the clutches of that cruel nation. So the ruler of the good nation called a meeting of high ranking officials and its scientists. In the meeting all of them decided that they somehow needed to penetrate the defences and get their people out of that cruel nation.

The most difficult thing was that they did not know where where the cruel nation was keeping POWs. They wanted to have that information so that they could get their prisoners out from their cells with surgical stealthiness.

Many scientist came up with many ideas but that did not look feasible as those ideas required lots of time for them to get matured and put them into action . They needed something that was unique and simple and that they could implement it fast.

After 10 days of brainstorming while sitting in the same meeting chamber they came upon an idea.They thought that they needed eyes for that mission and what could be better than solar cameras. But how could they get solar cameras in the cruel nation.

At that moment some scientist were smoking and seeing the smoke moving in the room one of the scientist came upon an idea. He said that they could put self destructing, micro plastic solar cameras with 360 degrees of view which had almost the same density as that of bubble forming soap solution in a special soap solution. When bubbles are formed through that soap solution they will travel in air and will reach far and wide. Also, they won’t burst quickly because they would be made of a strong solution of soap and chemicals (made by them many years ago).

Everybody cheered at this idea and said Bravo! Bravo! to the scientist who came up with this idea. Now the only problem was that how would they make these bubble solution cameras available to the cruel nation?

The best time for that they thought should be the national parade of cruel nations when the cruel nation rained bubbles through the sky blowing them from exhaust air of the fighter jets.

They then thought that they could send some of their men disguised as their people and mix this bubble solution with the bubble solution required for blowing bubbles during the parade and so they did.

The day came when the national parade of the cruel nation was held. The bubbles were produced from the jets all over the cruel nation. The soap solutions from which these bubbles were produced from had the cameras sent by the good nation mixed into them. Those cameras that were in the bubbles sent video messages through set of radio signals at the required secret frequency to the good nation’s headquarters. The cruel nation did not come to know about it ever. Wherever the bubbles went the cameras inside them took video footages of the cruel nation’s territories and the good nation got to know where the cruel nation had kept the POWs.

They then sent a team of many men disguised as cruel country people and got their people released from their prisons by bribing the men (surgical stealthiness) that worked for the prison.  That was a real happy day for the people of good nation as their country people were back to where they belonged in peace, love and safety.

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