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sOmEtiMeS nOt HeLpiNg hELpS tOo

Now, God made the creation which is great but why do mishaps happen. Could not there be only good and good forever without there happening any mishaps ever. Well just to think, this is earth and we together with other things in the universe are mortal beings and things. If mishap was not created then how could feelings in the world exist. There has to be a little down to see the up in this mortal world.

So to manage mishaps God created a department of mishaps which is still managed by mishap beings. Yes, mishap beings! As the name suggests they are not any ordinary mishap creatures. They beings are tiny and invisible mishap creatures that have wings attached to their body and can sometimes travel at one-tenth the speed of light. There whole kingdom exists right under our nose on earth where humans exist but since they are invisible we can’t see them. We only experience the mishaps that happen because of them ( I suppose). They have a whole kingdom and work orders but there population is quite controlled and that is also the cause of less mishaps but nevertheless they do occur.

Before going further let me tell you one more thing about them. The mishap beings don’t need oxygen to survive, they are magical and have the ability to travel through space and for many light years although they don’t do such things as they are interested in living with humans and having fun with them which they sometimes think it is.

How they control things is that they have power to overshadow decisions of beings and things thus sometimes leading to blunders. Now blunders lead to disaster by man himself and not by these beings. These beings only sometimes cause you to make a bit mistakes through which you can learn. I mean one should know that they are very small beings and thus according to their size they only have small overshadowing powers and not making you blind minded.

Now, let us begin the story.

Few centuries ago a son was born to the kings of mishap beings. His name was Jolls. Jolls always listened to his dad who had desires for him to become great by actually not doing mishaps. He wanted him to have the power to control mishap mistakes that could be serious by mishap beings. So he always told him to think big.

Now, Jolls begin to grow up and started thinking of things to practice on so that e could be what his dad wanted.

Normal mishap beings practice on rocks or old people ( yes that’s the way it is) but the son of the king of mishap beings needed something big enough to practice on. He kept on thinking and thinking.

During those days he could not find a dragon nor he could find a giant to practice on. So he looked into the sky and saw a bright thing throwing heat, light and energy on earth which he later came to know that it was sun - a huge ball of fire. He then thought that why not practice on the sun. So he did. Every morning he would fly to the sun which took him approximately 79 minutes and would start practicing his powers to overshadow thinking of molecule and atoms in the sun that would be causing fusion reactions in it. Initially he could not control even a single atom but slowly he started causing fusion reactions of selective atoms according to his wishful magic which he was happy about. But such a small being practicing on sun is no joke. It started making his brain a bit tired and weak. Since he would practice his powers and would come back home there started to be a shift in sun’s behaviour due to unnatural obstruction by Jolls and his presence, being what he was. Jolls caused fusion of those molecules or atoms in the sun that would cause a bit of red star formation of the sun. This formation was dangerous. But Jolls was too young too know and he kept on doing this even if he got tired.

One day his dad’s astronomer was taking some readings of the distance between the earth and Venus and other astronomical creations. The astronomer confirmed with the king of mishap beings that the planet Venus was moving towards the earth and this could result it in hitting the earth and putting humans to death. The king of mishap beings was alarmed and did not understand why this was happening. According to his charts there was enough fuel in the sun and also according to him nobody was causing disruption in the sun’s behaviour that could have caused it.

Jolls how was listening to all this said “ Dad, I am sorry I was trying to think big and to do that I was practising on the sun and its atoms “. His dad then understood the whole phenomenon dilemma. He then called a meeting of his entire team. The king of mishaps then told in a powerful speech about the problem they had been facing and that they have to solve it anyhow as it was his son’s mistake. He said that he can’t do it alone as Venus was already off-track and only way to bring back it on track was causing the sun to behave normally and return back to its natural processing of its atoms (about which they had come to know). He then told that it could only be done by a set of two teams. One team would restore normal functionality of sun’s atomic fusions and the other would force Venus to come back on track. Jolls was told not to be in either team as his magical powers were not in his complete control at that moment.

So the mission started and was completed safely and on time. Although Jolls did not help but as his father always wanted him to control mishaps, he did that by not helping the mishap beings and therefore not causing another blunder. Thus sometimes not helping helps too.

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