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tHe cHeSt tHaT wAs fOrbiDdEn To tOuCh

Once in the suburbs of an area in Japan there lived a girl who was very nice and polite in nature. She loved all types of animals, plants and insects. For this reason she was sometimes bullied by seniors of her school. She tried to pay no attention to that and continued her daily school activities which were sometimes painful under those circumstances.

One day she was going to the school it was raining. While walking she saw a frog getting drenched in rain. She thought that it needed shelter. So she picked it up and brought it in the classroom to prevent it from getting wet in rain or getting sick from it. All the girls in the school laughed at this and many of the seniors when they came to know about it came and bullied this little girl. This girl whose name was Teardrop felt very sad that day. After finishing school she went straight to her home and promised herself that she will never ever go to school as she was always getting mocked and bullied by seniors of her school. She also told this to her father. Her father whose name was Ribnock was a micro-robotics engineer. Ribnock felt very sad hearing that. He decided to do something about it. He knew that going to school and complaining would not help so he had thought of something special to help her daughter out.

Until the time he made that special happen Teardrop used to cry in her room all day long and used to barely come out of it to eat food or drink some water or juice. Meanwhile, Ribnock used to feel bad seeing all that and so he tried talking to Teardrop out of it. But teardrop was too preciously depressed and would not listen to her dad. She got so depressed that she actually needed anti-depression medicine to overcome her condition of depression which her family doctor prescribed. Ribnock tried giving it to her daughter but SHE WOULD NOT TAKE IT!

Her father did not know what to do at that time so he hurried to complete making of that special thing which he was working on to help her daughter.

After 10 days of her getting diagnosed with depression Ribnock created 4 things.

He created a mini chest which was about 3cm by 1.5cm. Then he created 3 robotic creatures. One was a small robotic kangaroo, second was a small robotic dog and third was a small robotic snake. These 3 robotic animals could easily fit in the small chest that teardrop's father had created.

Ribnock tried gifting this chest to Teardrop but she would not take it as she was under depression.

Ribnock was an educated man. So he talked to his family doctor about it. He advised him to use reverse-psychology on her daughter.

So next day he unwrapped the wrapped gift ( which was the mini treasure chest with the 3 robotic animals he had created) and kept it on the table which was in the lobby of their house. Then he told Teardrop not to go near the chest or touch it.

Whenever Teardrop came to the lobby to have some water,  juice or food she used to see that chest shine and shake while jumping up and down as if it was excited to see her and was calling her. At first, she did not go near the chest as her father had forbidden her to go near or touch that mini chest? But slowly, the tiny chest started looking beautiful to Teardrop and one day she went near that chest but did not open it. She touched the chest and started playing with it without opening it. She then wanted to see what was inside the chest but it was locked so she could not open it. Secondly her father also had told her not to open that chest so she sticked to the instructions given. That day she realized that she had started feeling better. ( Why Teardrop had started feeling better was because the mini robotic kangaroo that was created by Ribnock used to sense the DNA & characteristics of Teardrop. After making sure that it was Teardrop near it, it used to release medicine while jumping and shaking the mini chest. This highly advanced robot used to send anti depressive medicines directly in Teardrops body by redirecting them to air molecules going towards her nostrils while inhaling air.)

She started liking that chest thereafter so much that she took a string and tied the tiny chest to it. Then she put it around her neck.

Next day she decided to go to school and told her father about that. Her father felt happy hearing that. Now he knew that it was happening all because of the chest and the animals that were inside it. He had already seen Teardrop wearing that chest and asked her about it. Teardrop said that it was something that she found when she was playing so her Ribnock said “Okay”and did not ask any more questions.

Ribnock was happy and therefore giggled inside.

When she went to school that day nobody teased her or bullied her which was surprising to her and she was happy about it. One girl tried to come near her and pull her hair but as soon as she came near her she got afraid, screamed and went away. Teardrop felt a little relieved seeing that.

The mini chest as I Told also consisted of a mini robotic dog and mini robotic snake other than mini robotic kangaroo. The purpose of the robotic dog was to sense any danger and calm it down by sending ultrasonic brainwaves to divert a dangerous thought thought by anybody. Secondly the robotic snakes job was to sense an attack and come out of chest and threaten the enemy incase pacifying brain waves ( by robotic dog ) did not help. This was also the reason that the girl who came near Teardrop threatening her went away screaming. She had seen the robotic snake pop out of the chest which scared her.

Ribnock knew that her daughter was very precious so he made a precious gift for her that would be with her forever even after he dies.

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