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tHe cLeVeR sCiEnTiSt

Once there existed two scientists. The less clever one always wanted to prove the more clever one inferior but he had always failed to do so.

The scientist that was more clever had his name as Civonee and the scientist who wanted to prove him inferior and was thus less smarter than him had his name as Crapo.

Civonee and Crapo would meet each other in meetings and would always have a smart talk thus Crapo trying to know tricks from Ciavnoo to fool him later. Crapo would then say I did this and I did that that changed the course of history. Actually what he did that had caused to change the course of history was making things in union with other scientists and Civonee would always know that. But, he still would appreciate Crapo for his works. But Crapo knew that the person who used to come in the news and press was Civanoo. He was a distinguished scientist and things that he did were marvellous and people could not keep their eyes or mouth shut seeing the accomplishments and projects that he made.

Crapo was jealous and tired of all the praises that sounded for Civanoo. Civanoo had actually won not one but 5 Nobel prizes during course of his life at that time. Crapo was fed up of this and so one day...

One day he met Civanoo and asked him that what was the most precious thing in his life. Civanoo said “ The most precious thing in my life is my home which I built myself to keep me happy. ” He also said that even if anybody steals things from my home I would still not feel bad because my house is with my emotions that are tied to it and nobody could ever steal it. Crapo then asked him “ what if somebody did something that would not allow you to enter your house? Civanoo said that was not possible and even if somebody did that I would figure a way out to still enter and live in my house because I love my house so much. So he said then its a deal. Civanoo surprisingly asked what deal? He said the same as you said but with a little twist. Civanoo was confused. Crapo then said that I would do something that would not allow you to enter your house forever and if you could possibly enter it then I would stop being trickily smart in front of you. Civanoo thought for a while and said slowly “ Ok, as you wish.”

Crapo got into work. He thought lets make something that fills his house and also could not be destroyed. He kept on thinking for 5 day and 5 nights and then came up with a plan that he would make a balloon material that would inflate and would never ever get bursted with any sort of prickly or destructible substance.

At those time some of that kind of material existed and so he got into work. He combined fine impure materials like steel, silica, titanium and rubber etc and did a molecular fusion process for them so that they become unbreakable but only extendable. After testing that material several times, he was happy with the results and was ready to make his egoistic desire come true.

The next day he went to Civanoo’s house and told him that he needed his house keys to implant the thing that would not allow him to enter his house ever. Civanoo said politely and with a little giggle “ Oh so the time has come. “ He then put hand in his pocket and gave Crapo the key. Crapo went to his house and implanted the un-inflated balloon made up of unbreakable and indestructible materials and let air pass into its opening so that it fills it and covers the whole house from inside such that there is no space for Civanoo to enter from any part of his house or to stay there. The material worked as had thought of and it surrounded the entire house from inside without leaving any space for Civanoo to enter in his house. After the material of that balloon stretched and filled the house it automatically locked its mouth due to pressure in it.

Crapo then went to Civanoo and brought him to his house. He then told him to check his house. Civanoo went there and figured out that it was true that that material won’t crack or break and therefore balloon looked unbreakable and indestructible. Now, Crapo was so confident that he gave Civanoo a time of 5 years to break that balloon and enter his own house. Civanoo who was a wise person and then told  Crapo politely that “ Mighty always have a way to fall “ and left his house to go to his lab.

Civanoo was a little upset with Crapo’s actions but was determined to save his house. He worked in his lab for days and nights and made two capsules. After he was confident, he  told Crapo that he was ready to enter his house. Crapo thought that Civanoo was joking but then he said in a arrogant tone “ Show me how! “

Ciavnoo went to his house and implanted the two capsules just beneath the balloon near his entrance door. He then poured water on them so as to melt the capsules and the he closed the door. Civanoo had seen the material and was sure that these capsules would work in getting him his home back.

The capsules consisted of two separate things. One capsule consisted of highly compressed steam which had pressure distributed in it in such a way that it could be held easily without dealing the weight of it. Second capsule consisted of 50 gear boxes that had rolling pins attached to it to flatten out things. Those 50 gear boxes further had 100,000 nano gears fitted in each of them.

Now when he poured water on the two capsules which were also made up of a special material and closed the door, the capsules melted. The steam and gear boxes in them worked in such a way that they entangled the balloon with intense pressure and force rolling it through the rolling pins so as to form a Rubik’s cube.

After 5 minutes Civanoo open the door of his house and to Crapo’s surprise there was no balloon that had surrounded the interior of that house, instead and Rubik’s cube of that balloon material was sitting in one of the corners of his house. He picked up the Rubik’s cube and said “ Here is your indestructible balloon. “

Crapo yelled with his high voice and ran away screaming. He never confronted or even talked to Civanoo ever. Civanoo proved to be the best scientist in his class that day.

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