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tHe dAtE!

Long time ago in one of the solar systems, just like our’s there existed a planet which was just like our earth and a moon that was like ours too. The planets name was Halolit. The people that lived on that planet had similar financial structures like that on earth i.e. they used money to buy goods but like any other economy poverty and richness existed there too.

Now lets begin the story it so happened that once a very rich businessman decided to take his date to the neighbouring moon of that planet so that they can have a peaceful, enjoyable and undisturbed moonlight dinner. So to do that both of them get dressed. They wore highly compressed oxygen cylinders which fitted on their back. Next instead of helmets they turned on a force-field shield on their heads which would not allow the air to escape while eating but would still let your hand put food in your mouth without letting the air around their face and mouth go away. Then they wore transparent pressurized suites over their suit and dress so as to not be devoid of aesthetics . This made them ready to go.

Then they both went to the garage. Zhimayfi which was the name of the rich business man taking her girlfriend Ufisioki

space rolling to the moon, unlocked his car wirelessly through a remote. Then they both sat in the car and Zhymafi turned on the force-field of the car so that the journey was comfortable. He then started the rocket engines of the car and loo they went to the moon to eat, date and enjoy.

Now since Zhymafi was a very rich businessman and had many political contacts he had made some enemies across his planet too. Those enemy included some countries and some very dangerous people.

But lets not disturb the date and come back to the dating scene. Zhymafi and Ufisioki landed on one of the areas of moon which was actually a huge gigantic crater. There Zhymafi turned on the music of the car and came out. That music could be heard in vacuum or area where there was no air too because that music system sent vibrations through an unknown wave to ears which already had air around them due to force field of helmet and thus it could be heard very clearly and neatly. Then Ufisioki got out of car too and sat on that cold ground of the moon and both talked and had their lunch.

But, suddenly while they were doing so Zhymafi saw 5 rocket propelled arrows hit the moon floor around the area where they were eating and enjoying. This shocked Zhymafi and he was taken by surprise. He got raged with anger and thought that how dare his enemies barge on him like that and also when he was using his free time very preciously . He couldn’t  withstand it. He told Ufisioki to get up and run towards the car and seek shelter in it while he finishes some unfinished business.

Zhymafi was very angry because first of all he was on moon and second of all he was with a date. Since Zhymafi was a very rich person he had many custom tools made specially for him to protect himself and his loved ones if required. He thought of many things to be used to protect himself at that time but the only thing that came into his mind was a chemical that was very dangerous but he had no other option. The chemical was made from the dried blood of 10,000 dead dragons and a chemical called chemical Alpha.  Secondly he was going to use it in a very high concentration to protect himself and his girlfriend.  He was supposed to take only .01 ml of that chemical but he took 10 ml of it.

That chemical made him grow 30 times the size of that Moon in space and due to increased size his sight capability including other body capabilities also increased. To protect himself and his date he held moon with the palm of his two hands and crushed ( which should never be done) it keeping his car and his date safely in his pants right pocket. The moon then was crushed into many small rocks. He then looked through his then sharp eyes and tracked where the arrows were coming from ( as they had not stopped and were raining like a meteorite rain ).

Then he used his right foot to hit the small moon rocks like a person hits a soccer ball, towards Halolit and destroyed those targeting equipments sending rocket propelled arrows from the specified locations. It rained moon rocks that day on Halolit. All his enemies including the machinery got trashed one by one which was targeting Zhymafi.

After Zhymafi saw that damage was done he brought the moon pieces together and tried to join them again. Thanks to God that due to gravitational force the pieces joined together although not perfectly. Then he put his hand in his right pant pocket and took out the car in which his date was sitting and put it at the same place on the moon. Then he shrank and apologized to Ufisioki. The girl which was scared at first but highly impressed later thanked Zhymafi and they went back to their home in Halolit after finishing their left food.

That was a date night to remember.

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