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tHe dEnTiSt AnD hiS tiNy AsSoCiAtEs

Long time ago there existed a dentist whose name was Bravo. Bravo was an excellent dentist who had done many arduous tasks of fixing people’s teeth without having them taken to an emergency room. He was well known and reputed through out the town and the dental society.

It was about 35 years since he had been practicing dentistry but a nervous illness struck him. Due to his age or maybe due to other conditions of his body his hands started to shake while he used to work on the teeth of people. He thought of retiring but he was addicted to practicing dentistry and therefore would not quit his work just because of his health conditions. He tried taking medicines for his illness but that would not work on his nerves and therefore would not make him okay.

One day he was working and he got a message from a very high brass official that wanted his daughter’s mouth to have been worked upon to fix her tooth or teeth. This made him a bit nervous which he otherwise would never be. He did not know what to do. He could not say no that high brass official and thus he had to do it. After much thinking he thought why don’t I hire an assistant that would obey my instructions and do accordingly.

Next day he went to an advertising office and told them to put an advertisement for a dental assistant on newspapers and other forms of media in a good budget. During the first week he did not got any call because during those times there were not much people who were educated or had dental skills. Secondly many people were afraid to do that because of the consequences that if anything goes wrong while performing their duties.

During the second week he received a call from the advertising office that there were 3 people who wanted to work for the dentist as their assistant and the three of them insisted on meeting together. The dentist did not understand at first because he had asked for one assistant and there were three who wanted to meet him. He thought for a while and then finally decided to meet the three persons who wanted to be assistants of Bravo. He told them to meet him early in the morning at 5 am the next day and they agreed to it.

Next day he was sitting in the office at the appointed time and was waiting for the three persons. Suddenly the door bell rang and he went to open the door of his office. When he opened he saw nobody. He looked here and there but he found nobody, then he looked down to see if somebody had dropped a parcel or mail on his doorsteps. When he looked down he saw three tiny men waiving at him. He was surprised to see those men as he had thought that tiny people did not live in this world anymore. He out of confusion said “Hi!” to them and welcomed them inside his office for an interview after they told them that they were the three men who had asked to come together for that meeting.

Those three men jumped and hopped and finally reached the table of the dentist.

The dentist immediately came to the point. He then asked them what are their skills and capabilities that would make them fit for the job. The leader of the three men whose name was Dret said that the common capability of us three is that we are small and can go to the nook and corner to fix things where human hands have trouble doing things but individually we have other assets also which would help you in performing your daily job.

Then Dret said that I work in the mouse holes as a heavy lifter who picks up giant boulders and removes them from the way when the houses of mice collapse due to earthquakes. So I am a strong man and can help pick up the tooth or put it in the exact spot where you want inside the mouth. Secondly I can help you to inject medicines where and when required.

Then came the turn of second tiny man whose name was Bret. He said that I am a bomb expert and plant the exact amount and required mixture of explosives to remove or crack heavier things when they fall in their masters ( which were the mice ) ways during too much mice moving through the same holes or when they fight and accumulate large stones at a place. I can help you blow the teeth roots through right amount of explosives that the person would not even know that his tooth has been removed

Third tiny man whose name was Cret said that I work for mice too but I am thin and so I do the cleaning of their houses and clean every nook and corner of their houses. I can help you clean the mouth of the patient perfectly after they have been worked upon.

Bravo was impressed and without much thinking hired them. Then he discussed the pay. They said the pay would be electronic transfer of funds to their bank accounts as they can’t hold cash and carry. Bravo agreed to their terms and they handed them their direct deposit slips to their bank accounts.

Before he worked upon that Brass’s daughter’s mouth he tried testing those men on somebody else. When they all were working on somebody else’s mouth everything was going well until Cret went from the mouth while cleaning it and felt into the lungs through the trachea when the patient tired to sneeze sucking Cret into the trachea thus ending him in the alveoli of lungs. This was a dilemma for the dentist. But then he immediately put a chemical in the person’s mouth. This forced the person to cough tremendously and this brought Cret out of lungs which relived the doctor and the three men.

Later when the team worked on the brass’s daughter’s mouth the men tied a string around each of their bodies like they do for mountain climbing so that they don’t fall into her mouth or trachea. This was then set as standard while working i.e. they worked while strings were attached to them. The brass’s daughter dental work was done perfectly and then she went home happily making the dentist happy and less nervous too.

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