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tHe fLyiNg pEnS

These were war times and evil monarchs of 5 separate nations wanted to destroy the only good nation of that time in that world. This good nation had a very noble monarch who believed in peace and taking care of people. He really loved his subjects very dearly and had made his country very beautiful to show so. That was also the biggest and the most powerful nation of that planet thus it was very difficult to destroy or defeat that nation.

The 5 nations that had evil monarchs wanted to do whatever they could to destroy the only good nation of that time and that nation was called Keleprin. Keleprin in their language meant “never ending” or “never dying” which looked true always until the war clouds appeared.

For 20 years the diplomatic ties between the nations were cut off and no communication took place. Secretly those 5 nations enhanced their technologies so they could capture Keleprin and its people and make it their own .

The ruler of Keleprin was noble but not foolish. He knew what was going on amongst the 5 nations. His country had spies hidden in those nations who were of elite class. Since all  the 5 nations were developing and enhancing their technologies to throw Keleprin of the map, Keleprin scientists were also working to keep them protected and safe.

During those times the problem was that altering messages sent through radio frequencies had become a child's play. Also fooling encryption was easy. Because of this, radio messages sent to the soldiers waiting for orders easily were altered by the enemies and thus got faulty. Therefore some other method had to be devised to deliver messages safely and securely.

Keleprin scientists were aware of this and thus had been working on a new system of delivering military orders and messages safely. After 10 years of technological enhancements they came to a very different and a unique solution. Since radio messages could be bugged they devised a new method keeping in mind that radio waves are something that don’t have a signature embedded in them so they made pens that had inks derived from the DNA of the generals of Keleprin army. The ink lasted only for 10 minutes after getting exposed to air. Also the new RNA formed by mixing ink and the DNA of superiors had a very short life which was also 10 minutes after getting in contact with air for security purposes.

But to deliver the messages there had to to be some secure way that did not have any loopholes in it. So they made these flying pens. These pens were robotic flying pens that had artificial recognition intelligence embedded in them. They could recognize the message giver and fly at super speeds. These pens flew so fast that they could fly around the whole planet in less than a second without getting caught by eyes or radio waves or sonars etc. They had the capability to get activated to send an order or a message written by superiors/generals and then at the time of delivery they gave the message exactly in the same way, (while moving in air and on paper) with the exact same hand writing style as that of the sending general. These exact orders were received by army men who were waiting for orders. These pens flew at lightning speeds while carrying messages when the secret DNA ink was put in them. After the pens delivered orders by writing them on the paper, the personnel of the forces had special ink with which they checked the genuineness of the message. They had a chemical which when rubbed with or on the ink changed to a unique identifiable colour which confirmed that the message was genuine. This was a landmark in establishing foolproof method of communication between the superiors and the soldiers.

After 20 years of cold war the real war actually started and the technology was on the side of Keleprin people. They had already advanced very much and their spying network had also got very strong. They already knew what the evil countries’ army, air Force or navy had plans and where they were about to attack. Also due to well established communication system the forces of Keleprin got genuine orders which informed them about the enemy’s plans of attack. The Keleprin armed forces attacked with stealth and might and caused the destruction of armies of evil enemy nations. This caused the evil monarchs to surrender which also marked the end of war.

The people and monarchs of those 5 nations realized their folly and become better people with better understanding for future. Peace prevailed forever thereafter ever-after.

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