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The general and his pupil

Once a general of a country was with his soldiers on a field where and when suddenly a mine exploded. This mine when found out looked to be an old war mine and thus there was no need to worry about a war taking place but still, the general was hurt. The general was immediately taken to a hospital. Although all the wounded area of general’s body were fixed but one area which was the pupil of general’s right eye got hurt really bad and according to king’s order that had to be fixed too by all means.

The doctors who were treating the general were faced with a tough decision because during those times they could not get an organic pupil that could replace the general’s original pupil of his right eye. So, since everything in their power had to be done according to the king’s orders they replaced the general’s right eye pupil with a highly advanced plastic pupil of a very high optic power that they thought would make the king and general happy and proud. The only thing wrong or correct with the general’s plastic pupil was that it had to be adjusted every time to see properly i.e. it had to be focused manually by general himself using fingers and thumb of his hand or hands as it was protruding out of the actual eye. The plastic pupil had a nook at its edge which when was at the topmost position caused the general to see far distances and when the nook was rotated towards a downward position he could see the near ones in focus.

This became fun and amusement for the kids when they saw him on tv or giving speeches in crowd when he had to twist his plastic protruding pupil to see people and then twist its position again when he would have to read his speeches.

General thought that whatever reputation he had gained all through his career by years of honourable service was going in vain because of the plastic pupil. But the general had to see properly and so he stayed with having that plastic pupil except one day when he woke up. When he woke up his plastic pupil had tilted while he was in sleep (because of him tumbling over his bed while sleeping) to the extreme downwards position causing his eyes to have a very high microscopic vision. This freaked him out because he was seeing germs and microbes all around him when he woke up opening his eyes/eyelids. While he was freaking out his eyes started hurting real bad and then therefore he tried to rub his eyes.

As soon as he touched his right eye with his right hand to rub, he touched the plastic pupil that of his eye and suddenly realized that his right eye had an enhanced manually adjusting pupil. He immediately tried turning the nook of that pupil up with his hand and began to not see the germs or microbes and feel a bit better. Then he had a sigh of relief.

He then got ready to go to his office. After he reached there he then discussed this with his soldiers and scientists. He had at first thought that it was a biological attack but was then calmed down by the scientists who told him the real reason for that which was that his eyes got focused to an extreme powerful microscopic vision while he had tumbled in his sleep. Then he said “Oh! okay,” and understood what had happened. This made feel a bit better, maybe.

But since everybody does some tumbling in his sleep and so did the general his pupil would fall to the lowest level everyday due to gravity and therefore when he would get up he would see microbes. One day he was so sick and tired of seeing weird and crooked germs floating in the air he said “I did rather see dead enemy men than microbes floating in air.”

So that day he thought that he would rather go blind on right eye than have a funny plastic pupil there and see the freak show everyday. So a decision was made. The doctors were ordered to remove the plastic pupil and have general go blind from the right eye. The surgery was to be done next week as before that he had to take some medicines so that the effect of blindness from one eye does not destroy the other eye. Until that time general tried to relax but its enemy nation who had actually planted the mines which looked like old war mine with only purpose of killing the general came back again with another plan.

It had developed a virus that on contact with people would lead to development of such type of sickness that would not stop until it had killed that organism or person. (Also that virus changed its form when it entered a human body.) It had not only developed the virus but also an antidote to protect themselves that only it had the capacity to use. The virus was then let loose in the enemy’s central area and people started dying in that general’s country.

Since the virus spread through air and changed its structure after entering a human body it was difficult for microscopes to focus on it therefore the scientists first put protective equipment on themselves and then on the general’s body that would make them and general’s body remain quarantined from any attack of that virus. They then also ordered people to quarantine themselves.

Then, they came to the point. They requested the general if he could help them out to know that virus through his wonderful pupil that only he could use to focus on that virus. Microscopes could not do that because they need the virus to be lying on a slide to see through which was not possible at that time.

Only the general had now the capability to see the virus and catch it if possible to know its behaviour and help in developing an antidote for that. Since the general was seeing micro organisms everyday he kind a started to recognize the general microbes in air. So he had gotten smart with the microbes. He figured out that the virus that was attacking to kill should look quite weird and different from other microbes and so his army blood called upon him and he and the scientists went near the people who were infected with that virus so that there was a high chance of the virus’s visibility . There he started focusing in the air near and around the infected people with his pupil. After much focusing he saw a virus that looked quite weird and strange. So he wasted no time and gave description about it to the scientists who were standing close to him. According to the comparative size and description the scientists figured out that that could be the virus that was killing people as it had an unusual description of its physical structure, behaviour, movement and size. After a short discussion amongst themselves the scientists had confirmed that that was the virus they had been looking for. Then what? The general was given a test-tube who took it and held it in one of his hand and while doing so he blew air over the virus through his mouth. The virus then entered the test-tube due to being floating/submerged in the moving air. Then he placed a cork over the test-tube so as to stop the virus from leaving the test tube.

The scientists then analyzed the virus and developed an antidote in some quick time frame. This antidote was then distributed along with the vaccine that was developed to prohibit the virus spread. Thanks to general and his wonderful plastic pupil the country was saved. He was then again a proclaimed hero and never got his plastic pupil removed which became a second eye for security once again.

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