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ThE gOdS oF cLoUdS

As is known in history that although clouds in some places were considered as gods but to know, they did all the work like raining water and thus making crops grow. Even though they were considered to be godly gods and divine and all, they once got tired doing work for the people and did not rain for a very long time.

This had all occurred before the development of canals and where the ground water was scarce to feed the fields.

The truth is that something had happened amongst the cloud gods and in their kingdom. A baby was born to King of cloud gods and every cloud was given a vacation to enjoy and relax. This had happened after a very long time. Now, during vacation, clouds enjoyed a lot. They travelled and saw many different places and did their thundering and regular chit-chats. This vacation was given for two months and after that they were supposed to return to back to their duty. Now they did return back but not to duty.

They told and asked their king that if they were gods why were they working. They wanted to relax now because all their lives they had worked  and now they wanted to enjoy the views of earth without doing anything other than floating and chit-chatting. The king was of cloud gods heard them and realized that they were right. If they were gods why were they working. The king then issued a commandment and said to the clouds that now they could relax indefinitely without ever being disturbed or doing work.

This came known amongst people of those places that entirely depended on rain water for their crops to grow in their fields. Now mortals are helpless against gods I believe  so they were and they did not know what to do. The leaders of those places had a meeting. The leaders could not decide anything themselves or understand or decipher a way out of it. Seeing and understanding that they called upon a meeting of wise men that included scientists belonging to their regions to discuss how to cause the clouds to change their mood and rain so as to be godly and let grow food in their fields.

After much discussion a wise man said that the only way to cause them to change their mind would be by luring them into something that these ungodly gods become tamed to and that then they would work more diligently than before.

Hearing that a scientist said that since now we know that clouds want to relax why don’t we give them something that makes them really work with re lax. He said that why don’t we give them that thing that is available on earth that would teach them a lesson. Everybody wanted to know what did he mean by that? The scientist said that why don't we give them a fiery candy ie. let them taste it which would make them understand that they are not the only gods in the world and that they are not godly . But everybody asked that how was that possible because “ the clouds don’t come down and we cant go up to them.”

The scientist then said that he had a plan. He said that he had consulted his books and knows of a gas that makes things afloat in air which was at that time, hydrogen whic when compressed or hit with a spark would burst teaching clouds a lesson. He then further said that “I know how to make this gas and I can make it in sufficient quantity safely.” The leaders agreed on this idea and agreed to support him in his plan. ( hydrogen is flammable that is, is a supporter of combustion and thus is dangerous to handle due to its exploding ability) .

The Scientist said “I need some help i.e. I need help from some kids” (because they have small hands and were right people for the task). Due to intensity of food shortage about 5000 kids agreed to help that scientist. It was a dangerous mission but he made sure that it was done in a very safe environment so that he does not cause any harm to the kids .

In a few days he manufactured enough hydrogen to make the candies. He then gave small syringes to the kids to fill in hydrogen and pump it in the specially made candies that would inflate and would not burst even upon getting filled up with the gas. The kids did that and filled the entire warehouse with the floating hydrogen candy.

After sufficient amount of candy was made they let loose the floating candy. The candy bubbles/small balloons then reached the clouds. The clouds felt curios seeing that and tried to crush it with their mouths and some with lightning, some out of anger and some out of rage ( because they said how could human make gods). Now when some clouds crushed the candies it initially felt tasty but they bursted when the clouds got squashed. Sometimes the candy dismantled the clouds’ teeth and sometimes it dismantled their bodies.

The clouds got afraid from that thing and there was no escaping as humans said that if they did not rain they would cause more retaliation. The clouds then finally made a pact with humans that they would work for them but would get rest times too. The humans agreed and now they work and rest according to their agreements. They don’t talk to humans because they are afraid that if they waste time chit chatting they might be dismantled again ( which is although the not true but the fear from humans is still their among gods, HA HA HA!)

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