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tHe mAgiC oF pOrTrAiT

This is a story of a naughty kid. His name was Fred. Fred would do all the mischief in the world and would only stop doing it in front of his grandfather, whom he was afraid of. Why he was afraid of his grandfather was because grand father would scold him in a very penalizing way. Secondly he was the one who bought him the most of gifts including toys and presents that Fred liked. So in order to maintain peace with his desires and family Fred would obey his grandfather. Now it so happened that in a few years Fred’s grandfather suffered a serious heart attack and died there and then. Fred was a little upset because who would give him the best presents now. Annoyed and sad, he put up a very rude behaviour that day and got a lot of scoldings but that day he did not mind them at all.

Now the thing that had to happen happened and it could not be undone. So the days after mournings continued and he started going to school but he did not leave his naughty attitude. He actually became so naughty that he had now become a bully in school as days passed. One day the teacher came to know about his rude and bullying behaviour and got very annoyed. She told this to the principal of the school who called up a meeting with his parents. Now his parents were very upset because of what they came to know from the meeting. Previously they used to think that his naughty nature was just a matter of time and that it would go away once he starts growing up. But this was not the case as they came to know from the principal. She told them that Fred would steel candies, chocolates and would force kids to do things that were not reasonably sound.

His parents gave some counselling to him but still he would not behave in school or at home. One day a friend of Fred’s grandfather came to visit his long gone friend’s grandson and brought him some chocolates. Fred behaved very rudely with his grandfather’s friend. He snatched the chocolates from his hands right as he saw them in his hands and ran away without saying thank you or being humble in any way. Fred’s grandfather’s did not feel nice seeing that and asked his parents that is he same with everybody? Fred’s parents sadly said : “yes” confirming his rude and bad behaviour. They also told him that they have been trying to correct their son’s  behaviour but they can’t find a way out. Fred’s grandfather’s friend said that I have a way out. He said “ do you know that Fred was only afraid of his grandfather when he was alive. “ They confirmed it by saying “ yes “. He then told them that why don’t you hang a picture of Fred’s grandfather on all the walls of their house. Then  he also told that whatever pictures they hang of him those pictures should have the eye balls in the median position of his eyes. Then he explained the reason for that and how it would affect Fred’s behaviour. He told them to tell Fred that wherever you go his grandfather is watching through pictures because then he explained that when the picture’s eye balls are at median of the eye they appear to be looking at you when you look towards the picture, no matter fro which direction you look it from. He then explained that this would put fear in Fred’s heart that grandfather was watching from the other side and could do something bad to him so Fred would hopefully start behaving. His parents tried this out and it worked. Fred would start getting freaked out seeing grandfather’s eyes looking at him and thus he started behaving and became good.

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