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ThE mAgiCaL pAnTs

Magical pants just don't pop out of anywhere. They have to be magically created.

This is a story of magical pants that got created magically.

Long time ago, during the modern era of magic there existed a magician named Goof. As the name suggests he was a very funny magician but had a short height and was of old age.

During this modern era of magic, people used to go to magicians quite often to cure illnesses or get treatments that were medically impossible to get. For example: to cure black and white or upside down eye vision. Or for example: if somebody wanted to become fat and/or if somebody wanted to be thin without doing much effort.

The eyes problem were curable through direct implementation of magical potions but since it was modern era, to cure fatness or thinness it was altogether a different story.

The person that wanted to have fat and was hereby thin had to bring a person along with him that was thin and wanted to grow or have fat on his body or vice-versa. This happened because magician could not dispose of fat from a person’s body directly. He could only transfer it from one body to other all because of law conservation of mass. This is funny but it was true.

It so happened that one day Goof was returning from a party and it was evening that time. He had forgot to put a closed sign on his dispensary that day. Therefore there was a huge line up of people who were waiting to get fixed by Goof. Goof did get puzzled and didn't knew what to do at that time. But he thought for a while a then realized that since he had forgotten to put a close sign on his dispensary, it was his legal and moral obligation to fix people as they had been waiting for quite long. So in a hurry, he went inside the dispensary took off his pants, hung them on his chair and wore a robe. While wearing that robe and keeping his pants hung on that chair he started calling in people for treatments.

That day lots of different magical potions and that too in lots of quantities were used besides the pant that lay on the chair of Goof. So much magic was done that day that it affected those pants drastically that were lying on Goof’s chair. This actually made the pants sneeze and come to life. The magician at that time had just finished fixing people and was trying to relax. After he heard the sneeze coming from pants, he knew that he had created the un-creatable  even though by mistake. He then went closer to those pants slowly and touched them. The pants saw what was going on and when it got the touch it got scared and immediately jumped off where from where it was already hanging to find a place where it could hide. As it was trying to do so the magician said that it does not need to worry and that it can stop trying to hide and get comfortable around him as they were his pants. The pants heard that, looked at Goof, stopped running and came near him. The pant then shook its right leg with goof’s hand and said “Hello!” Goof was happy to see and hear that.  Goof then explained to the pants about their purpose in life and that people wear them on their legs. Then, Goof told it that since it had gotten life now it should be named. Goof then immediately named him Goofball. Goofball liked that name and he then said “Thanks!” to Goof.

Now, since the pants had power and magic of their own they helped magician to walk, run and play tirelessly. Both of them used to enjoy that. Those pants also enjoyed eating food and relaxing on a drying wire in Goof’s backyard. This continued for quite a while until one day.

During one occasion the king wanted something to be done with his right foot. So he tried asking all the magicians that who was a good magician for that particular type of job. All of them pointed towards Goof.

The king then invited Goof to his palace for a meeting. When goof came, the king told him that he would like to request a procedure from Goof. Goof was willing to help. Then the king told him that he wanted to make his right foot become bigger than left foot while keeping his left foot of the same size. Goof thought about it for a while and looking at the dangerousness of that process he simply said “No” to the king for that procedure. Secondly to increase the size of right foot without decreasing the size of left foot was not possible because of law of conservation of mass and also because of some other scientific norms.

The king became furious after he heard “No” from Goof and sentenced him to death right away.

Goof got upset hearing that and said that he would lovingly accept the death sentence if anybody could beat him in two things. One was in sprinting and the other was, walking on frozen wire. The king laughed at Goof and said “you old man you can’t even walk properly and you think that you can win a sprinting race or walk on a frozen wire.” The king then said “Okay” to what Goof had asked for.

They then agreed that if Goof wins both the events he would be spared for life and if he losses, he will be given a torturous death.

Then the magician asked for his (magical) pants to be brought from home because those were his favourite pants and he wanted to sprint in them. He was then immediately brought those ( magical ) pants.

The race began next day. The king had summoned the best sprinter in the kingdom for the race. Since Goof was wearing Goofball he easily defeated the sprinter. The king was amazed to see that. But he said to himself that even though Goof had won the sprinting race, he would not be able to walk on frozen wire or win that competition. But the king would be wrong.

The walking on frozen wire started . The competitor of Goof fell immediately as soon as he kept his first foot on the frozen wire. When Goof’s turn came, he had already told Goofball to help him out. Goofball which was a magical pant caused the frozen wire to melt very slightly and then get frozen back immediately it by causing air around it to do that. This lead to the wire becoming sticky over which Goof with support of Goofball walked easily and won the competition.

The king was surprised to see that and realized his folly. He forgave the powerful magician and let him free.

Goofball actually saved the day. Goof then thanked Goofball and then they lived happily forever.

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