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tHe MaGiCaL pOwDeR

Once there existed a territory in Japan who had its own ruler. That ruler's name was Hucklickoksy and he at that time had ordered seizure of all gold from common man as he believed that gold was prestigious thing and did not belong in the hands of commoners. Many people did not agree to it and tried hiding their gold from his soldiers and keeping it withheld from the king but when the king came to know about it he decided to use force. The king’s soldiers entered  people's house and other properties forcefully to check for gold and grab it. This was found very effective and thus all gold was getting seized brutally but surely.

One day the soldiers invaded a witch's house on their routine who had no gold. But as they were checking one of the soldiers found a small hen which had a golden feather attached to its tail . The soldiers were ordered not to live any gold behind so that soldier went and forcefully plucked the golden feather from that hen’s short tail. The witch was furious seeing that, so she objected it but that soldier did not listen and simply took that feather away.

Now the soldier was not sure that the feather was of pure gold or not and also did not know that the king would like it or not but still he showed this feather to the king and presented him with that.

The king was amazed to see such a beautiful golden feather and immediately after getting that golden feather he pronounced that soldier not only the general of his army but also the care-taker of that golden feather. The king along with his team of sorcerers checked the golden feather and saw that it had a unique property of "drip and dry" thus it got completely dry is a second. So the king decided to use it for writing i.e. he was to use it as his royal pen.

Now since this feather was only one of its kind it had to be kept safe and secure. The new general along with his team and the king had a meeting. They decided That the best way to keep it secure was to keep it moving when it was not in use. So they trained a small fish for that. This fish that they trained could only recognize the voice of general or the king and obey their commands.

Now the king started using the pen during the day for his royal work and at the end of the day the general took the feather towards the lake where the fish used to swim. He then used to call upon the fish by its name and would tie the feather to it at that time (which was night). The fish who  recognized the general's voice would come near the general and get the golden feather tied to its body in such a way that there was no obstruction in her swimming. The fish would then dive back into the huge lake (which was in the king’s palace) and thus the golden feather would remain safe until the king called for the fish in the morning to get it back.

This was at how the king protected the golden feather.

But the witch who had her hen's golden tail feather stolen was very furious about it and thus decided to take revenge on the king and avenge for her hen and its respect.

By that time everybody knew about the king’s golden feather that he used for his royal Pen and that how it was kept safe. The witch thought for days on how to get back her hen’s golden feather and one day went in her kitchen and made a unique magical powder. This powder she would use to enchant the general and force him to bring the feather back to her. But this could only occur when the general was deeply and truly intoxicated with it. So she made a plan for that.

The general lived in a huge mansion which had an artificial forest around it. The general used to get up in the morning and would go outside his mansion and would grab a fruit from a tree of his artificial forest and while eating it would take a walk around the mansion. The witch had her evil flying birds spy on him and so she knew about the general’s daily routine.

So at dawn the witch sat on her magically created flying pig which was as big as an elephant and flew towards the general’s mansion. There she sprayed the magical powder in huge quantities by using the flapping of air by the pig’s wings while they were flying in the air. She had made the magical powder so concentrated that 1mg was enough for one tree and she had sprayed about 500 grams of that powder on the trees and its fruits. Now the sun was almost visible and by that time the witch had completed spraying and had returned back to her home after spreading that magical chemical densely.

At that time the general had got up and started following his usual morning routine. As soon as he went out to walk in the forest of his mansion and had a fruit he got a completely enchanted at intoxicated by that magical powder.

Now it was the witch's turn. She was watching the general through her magical glass ball while in her house. And after the general got enchanted with the magical powder he got in control of the witch who from the comfort of her house kept on commanding the general to go right, left or move forward etc like one commands a toy robot but it was done as humanly as possible to reach the place. Before the king could get the feather the general was commanded by the witch to get to the place first where the fish was kept and take out the golden feather from there before the king comes for it and so the general did. The general was so intoxicated that he did not know what he was doing. It was only the general that could pass the security check of the king’s soldiers and reach that lake where the fish was kept.

Now, after getting the feather before the king did the general raised his arm in the air holding the golden feather while standing near the lake. The witch after seeing through her magical glass ball that the general had the golden feather in his hands sent her favourite pigeon to grab the golden feather and get it back to her. The pigeon then brought the feather back to the witch’s house who then took the feather and hid it in a secret place. The witch was then happy and kind of relaxed that she got her stuff back.

Meanwhile the general who had snatched the feather was punished for treason and put behind bars.

The king then tried making an artificial gold feather for his pen but it did not go well. Later the king died of heart attack. The kingdom was then free of tyranny of the cruel king.

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