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ThE mAgiCaL wAtCh

We all know that almost all of the magicians use magical potions to perform magic but where do they come from. Well let me tell you that then. Magical potions are made by magicians themselves. They use a variety of substances and previously made magical potions for making new magical potions. They mix those substances and magical potions under fire, cold, pressure or a catalyst while chanting beautiful magical words which causes different type of magical reactions. These reaction cause creation of wondrous magical potions. Now this all happens when precise timings are followed to mix the substances and magical potions along with timely utterance of magical words. Without proper timings magical potions can’t be created. So let’s begin the story keeping that in mind.

Once there existed a magician who was in charge of creating magical potions for a small magical shop. But this magician was quite old and he used to fall asleep in any position even when he was working. This caused him to forget the timely addition of substances with timely chanting of spells to create magical potions. He tried using alarm clocks but they did not help. There were two reasons for that.

First of all because the magician used to fall in quite deep sleep so much so that the alarm clocks would not budge him. Secondly, even if he woke up after a while hearing the gruesome alarm clocks he used to get confused. Because although the alarm clocks woke him up somehow by changing their tones and volumes etc. themselves but that or they did not tell him which alarm was ringing for which magical potion( as he would be working on creating many magical potions at once).

One day he was tired of messing up his work and potions. He got irritated working on creating the same potions again and again because of missing timely action so he decided to make a magical watch.

This magical watch that he decided to create would remain his assistant forever. It will not only tell him what magical potion to mix at what time but it will also mix them itself if he falls asleep with also timely chanting of spells by itself. He also decided to give him hands and legs when it got formed.

So in the evening after his messy work he took one of his best watch out of his cupboard. This watch was quite big in size and actually looked like a small wall clock but was wearable on wrist. Then, he kept it on the table and threw a magical powder on it will reciting a very long spell.

In an instant a flash of lightning occurred and the watch came alive. The watch then immediately opened his eyes and stood up on his legs. It then said “Hi” to the magician. The magician felt happy and thrilled seeing the alive watch. He named that watch Haouleiy. Haouleiy meant a wondrous Halo.

Haouleiy helped the magician whom it called “Fil” in all his work. The watch never got tired even though his master did. It was awake even in night and did not like to sleep. As nights passed, it started feeling lonely. He did not know how he could solve this problem.

One day while working with Fil it asked him what do people do when they become lonely? The magician laughed and said, "Nothing! They simply make friends". Then the night came and Haouleiy starting about thinking of making friends. But he needed someone of his own kind to talk to and be friends with. So he woke up Fil who was deep asleep with his special magical ability and asked him that where could he find somebody like him? Fil was quite sleepy and yawning but he still told him that everybody in this world wears watches so it could find it in anybody’s house. Fil then slept again.

By that time he decided to go to the house of Fil’s neighbour and decided to look for somebody of its own kind. When he went to Fil’s neighbour’s house he went in, from beneath the door where there is always a gap and saw a shiny thing besides the table where Fil’s neighbour was sleeping. That shiny thing was lying on top of a table. There he jumped and went near it.

He saw that it was a wrist watch but it was not responding to its talks or signs. He did not know the reason why it was not doing that but in a few moments he realized that that watch was not alive. He then kept on thinking that what it should do. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He uttered a big spell and blew air on to the non-talking, non alive watch and suddenly it came to life. (When it came alive it had the same abilities as that of Haouleiy).

As soon as it came alive it looked at itself and yelled “Hey! I am alive!” and looked towards Haouleiy. Haouleiy then told him that it was it that brought him to life. That watch whom Haouleiy named Taouckeiy then thanked it and they became very good friends. Every night they used to meet and have fun playing with the magic they had within them. This continued for quite sometime but then both of them started missing something else.

They realized that they were males and that they needed some female watches to talk to and go out on date with. So then what? They made some female wrist watches to come to life and then started to date them and have fun with them. This made them very happy.

But due to too much magic happening amongst the non living world of watches and also because of the magical aura of watches many other watches around the world started to come to life. Even the watch softwares on phones started to behave weirdly.

For example in meetings at workplaces where many different types of businessmen would be meeting the watches in the smartphones used to get crazy seeing each other. They created holographic hearts and things flying through the space of the rooms so that they could attract the female smartphone watches and vice-versa and be friends with them.

This looked beautiful but wasted times of rich businessmen who at that moment could not use their smartphones for their work or anything else. Secondly if they somehow controlled the smartphone watches by turning the phones off their wrist watches behaved weirdly. The wrist watches would start transforming to different shapes to exhibit their capabilities to other females for attracting them and vice-versa was true too.

This was a huge problem for the working class of people as watches were alive and they had to watched after to keep everything going.

So the politicians passed a new law that banned people from wearing watches until they could be fixed.

But that’s just a statement. How could alive watches be fixed?

They can’t be. So only one thing could be done to prevent people from going to Stone Age. They made mini atomic watches that could not be transformed to a live watch because of radiations in them and continued life and work.

So when the watches came alive people lost time.

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