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tHe Not sO AmAziNg CLoUd

Once there lived a scientist and his wife. Both the scientist and his wife were happy but missed the joy of having kid of their own. But after consulting many doctors and much trying the scientist’s wife gave birth to a son. They named him - Joy. Both the scientist and his wife were very happy that they had their family complete now.

After much rejoice the family was coming home sitting in a taxi. When they were coming from the hospital, the baby who was sitting in his mom’s lap was very much amused by the lightning caused by the cloud. So, the scientist seeing that decided for a gift for Joy.

As soon as they came home the scientist went inside his lab which was in a room in his house and started working in it.

There he worked continuously for 3 days and created an artificial cloud with artificial understanding in it. The cloud could speak and obey. Then, feeling happy and excited he put the cloud in a box and gift wrap wrapped the box. Then he went near his son and gave it to him.

As soon as Joy saw the small box he got more amused and tried to open it. As soon as

opened the box, he saw how the cloud started floating in the air and was always around him.

Now, to understand that since the gift was a cloud it would cause a bit of thunder and some lighting. This was actually one of the job of the cloud which it did without forgetting for some time. This would always cause happiness in Joy who was always excited to be with the cloud.

As time passed Joy and the cloud grew. Joy grew vertically and the cloud grew mostly horizontally with a little bit vertically.

Also as Joy became older in age his dad and mom passed away.

Due to sudden found depression Joy stopped playing with the cloud. The cloud who was artificially intelligent realized that and became sad himself. He too stopped thundering and stopped producing lightning. But the cloud was obedient and liked Joy very much. He would ask Joy from time to time if he liked to play. But “No” was always the answer. The two things living under the same roof were very depressed. Not only depressed, the cloud actually started getting angry and would produce sparks in rage. Once he tried to burn a part of the house.

This drew Joy’s attention towards estranged behaviour of his best friend - the cloud. Joy started becoming concerned and tried to calm the cloud down by asking him to do so. He thought it was artificially intelligent cloud and instructing him would turn it better. But, simple instructions could not help. Joy started studying some books about clouds and their behaviours ie he wanted to know how to control them.

So after much studying and getting haunted by books he found a book and it enlightened him.

Then what! He ran to his house immediately and took a small plank of wood and lit it on fire. Then he went near his best friend - the cloud. He told the cloud not to be afraid and stay near him and the fire he lighted up for him. The cloud although scared and angry then, listened to his master and friend. After 5 hours of burning planks of wood the cloud initially felt anger but then it was the happiest thing alive. It shrunk in size and weight and felt much better than before.

Actually the moisture of the cloud was causing him much pain and anger because of getting his body system unwillingly over-loaded with it. The moisture had escaped due to the heat of the fire. It had escaped out of the house as Joy had planned by making arrangements for it. The moment he had lit the fires on the planks he had opened the entire house’s windows and doors etc. just to save his friend from moisture which had accumulated in it from years.

The cloud and joy both felt rejuvenated because of each other. Joy was happy and so was the cloud. Both the cloud and his friend Joy lived happily ever after.

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