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tHe RiDe

This is a true fictitious story.

It is sometimes known that Japanese were the first to have moon rides. But is it true and even if it is how was this possible back in those ages.

Long time ago the emperor of Japan had a beautiful, loving and a caring daughter. In the night she would see the moon and dream of going there. She told her father - the Emperor many times about that wish. But her father whose name was Mighten and as the name suggests was one of the most powerful and a wise ruler of that time even he could not devise a way to travel to the moon but was determined to do so. He gathered many of his wise men in a meeting and asked them that how could he fulfiller her daughter’s wish of travelling to the moon. The wise men at that time did not have any answer about that. But there was one monk who did and was present there in the meeting. He thought for a while and told the king that it was possible to bring her daughter’s wish to life but only with the help of a dragon. The dragon who could do it was called the Laughing Dragon.

This dragon lived underground and was quite unknown but only quite until that day. The Laughing dragon’s laugh was so powerful that it caused the lesser magnitude earthquakes in Japan when he laughed beneath the ground. This dragon was a friend of that monk who was attending the wise men’s meeting at the king’s palace. He had kept the secret of the dragon hidden to himself for a very long time and never told the king before about that for he protected the dragon by doing so.

But since the monk cared also for the Emperor’s royal wishes that included the wishes of his entire royal family he had to tell this to the Emperor. So he told the secret  to the Emperor. The Emperor was shocked to hear that a dragon had such powerful laugh. The monk who told the Emperor about that had also asked for promise from emperor that he would not to put harm to the thing that would help her daughter to go to the moon and be back and thus  have moon rides. The  Emperor had agreed to that and kept his promise after knowing the secret of the dragon and what caused earthquakes in Japan. But it was known that the earthquakes were less and this meant that the dragon was difficult to be made to laugh. But the monk knew all that and he had a plan.

The monk had thought that if it was possible to ask dragon to laugh above the ground and not beneath it so as to use the laughing energy to slingshot capsule carrying a kid to the moon and bring him back. How was that possible? They had calculated that they need lots of pressure to throw the capsule to the moon and bring it back after the kid enjoys moon. They were also prepared   for emergencies just in case the environment on moon was different from that of earth. The monk had come up with a plan. He told the king that they needed a long plank the size of the side of dimension of the square shaped city where the king lived.

So it was ordered by the king to build a long plank of the size requested by the monk. It took 500 days to build that size plank. It was tough job but the king’s workers built  it flawlessly.

It was the next day that king met the dragon. The dragon greeted the king and so did the king. The dragon looked a bit worried that what if he could not laugh when required and the objective fails but the monk told the dragon in front of the king that there was no need to worry.

The capsule that was to be sent to the moon was made and filled with food and other supplies (of importance and of Emperor’s daughter’s wishes) if required. The monk then whispered something into the dragon’s ear. The monk had whispered the plan that how the dragon would not look dumb and would be able to send the  king’s daughter to go to the moon and be back safely.

The dragon took the plank and put it’s centre point on the top of a tip of a mountain. Then he flew back. The king/Emperor’s daughter was ready and excited to have  a trip around the moon and be back. The dragon then took the Emperor’s daughter (who was sitting in the capsule) to the giant teeter totter. He then kept the  capsule with the girl in it on the lower side of the seesaw  which was touching the ground. Then he flew to the maximum height of the atmosphere and dived back to the high end of he teeter totter and pounced on it with a incredible force. When he hit the higher end of teeter totter the girl bounced high up in the sky and then the dragon was amused to see that. Bing amused he giggled and then laughed seeing the girl go high in the sky in that direction. It was evening at that time and with such pressure while laughing and the great bounce the daughter reached moon. Her capsule touched the moon and bounced . Then the monk who was flying high in the atmosphere while riding the dragon to keep an eye at the safety of the king’s daughter and to bring her back took out a feather. He then tickled the dragon who again had a mighty laugh. The laugh send shock waves to the moon which forced the capsule to come back to earth’s gravity after it had touched the moon’s surface. The laugh which sent shock waves to the moon was just a giggle which the dragon mentioned later had caused the capsule to return back to earth where the dragon caught it in its mouth and brought the emperors daughter home safely.

Emperor’s daughter came back unharmed. She enjoyed the ride and it became official for the kids of Japan to travel to he moon and be back all because of the laughs of a dragon. The dragons would then always feel happy and would only laugh above the ground and thus never caused earthquakes.

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