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tHe sHoT GuY

He enters the chess board and starts playing by himself just by riding the mechanical chessmen. This game turns into a dangerous match. The chessmen's mechanical mechanism fail’s and the fuse in them gets overloaded because he played it for a very long time. This causes the control on chessmen to go haywire because the fuses break overloaded with power. Thus the radio control this guy that was using to control the chessmen goes un-functional. The game goes really killing with the chessman acting crazily malfunctioned. He then could not handle more of craziness and deadliness which became superior in game rather than the game’s enjoyment or joy. For his security and safety he quickly uses his reading glasses and refracts and concentrates the sunlight falling on the chess board from the nearby window to a security button which is sensitive to stronger radiations and was also devised as a infrared activated switch when it exceeds certain infra red limits. This causes a latch to be opened. The opened latch releases a mechanical dragon.  The dragon is all mechanical with ability of pouring in lots of fire through his mouth. The dragon immediately senses danger for his master - the shot guy and burns down the chessmen with his deadly fire. 

This produces lots of burning gases in and around the chessboard. This fire is then collected by the dragon after concentrating it with a mechanical collector device and puts it in a tank that would help in immediate flying of the hot air balloon. (This hot air balloon was built just yesterday for him to take him to his vacation to a nearby country). This country is just 200 miles from his house. He immediately jumps into the basket of the hot air balloon and cuts its ropes that were tied to the ground holding it.

Now his journey begins.

He starts flying amongst the clouds while sitting and controlling his hot air balloon to one of the candy worlds first, which is a town and his first stop for refuelling in 50 miles. He gets some mechanical candy from that town after he lands there. This candy had the capability of running and keeping other candies in control as by not allowing them to have more luring in the mouth of the short guy because then he gets intoxicated with candies and gets a sugar Coma which is not good for his or anybody’s health. He can keep himself in control by not thinking of buying them in first place but he can’t stop himself from buying them after he see’s them. So only way for him to stop himself eating them is keeping the candies he buys in control with the help of the mechanical candy, so that they don’t lure him. The mechanical candy runs and uses a mechanical transformation technique that hides the candies by disguising them to look like something else that is of no use to the shot guy but may still be required someday. So the candies stay, are hidden and don’t lure the shot guy all because of the mechanical candy.

Then he flew past the chocolate mountains getting a special sucrose from the rivers filled in abundance with it flowing through the mountains that acted as a fuel for his hot air balloon. This fuel did not give burnt smell while burning rather gave different types of magnificent odours that were like the smells of most exotic fragrances that could ever be smelled or inhaled.

Then he descended to the town called the blackhole.  There he collected a mechanical black hole. This black hole he used could attract and absorb any type of animal in it by its mechanical ability to sense cold blood and thereby acted as a hunting device for his meal. He had bought this because in his town animals for meal were hard to find.

After that he reached the magical town and country that was waiting for him and for whom he took flight for in his hot air balloon.

Now why he had come here was a secret. He had come there to help the king of that country to bring down a dragon and a witch that had stolen his daughter. 

The short guy was a bit unable to understand the scenario that even after having such a gigantic army why could not the king rescue his daughter himself. The king told him the reason. He told him that his army is visible and if either the witch or the giant sees his army they would kill his daughter there and then, even before the army reaches to fight those two.

So he needed somebody like him short and a shot.

He then planned and slyly hiding reached the the cave where the evil witch and the giant dragon were playing card games. He then immediately took out a mechanical rope that he had made in his machine-shop and whispered in it an order of linkage and binding for the cold hearted near him. The rope stretched itself and grew in size. It then split into two and immediately bonded the bodies of witch and the giant dragon with each other in blink of an eye. Then the short guy took out his mechanical wings and ordered them to take the breaths of the giant dragon and witch away. The mechanical wings flapped so fast that they sucked all the breath of the dragon and the witch. This caused sudden death of the two. Then he ordered the mechanical rope to unwind and attach to the mechanical eyes that he had taken out from his pocket. He further told them to get attached to the wings and carefully find the king's daughter and fly her back home comfortably by forming a basket of the mechanical rope to hold the king’s daughter in it. The mechanical devices then found the secretly hid daughter of the king and flew her home. She was unconscious and lying on the ground in cave when she was found.

And for him his hot air balloon was waiting for him around the mountain cave which he boarded by a huge jump and then said bye to that country for some time finishing this action adventure story.

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