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ThE sUpErStiTiOn!

There is nothing more stupid than a superstition and especially when it is in you to the deep. Let me tell you this story which would further clear what I mean to say.

This story begins in a kingdom where a son is born to the royals of that region. As during olden times royals had many enemies near and around them so did they. After the kid was born they took him to a fortune teller as they believed that their kid was their fortune and would help to sustain and grow it further. Now, the fortune teller when studied the kid’s future through a magical glass ball  including his parent’s future, in order to show them that he was a very high fortune teller he told them something strange and stupid. He told them two things.

First thing was that the child should have another door for entrance to their home/palace just along its main door which should just fit him. Also as that child grows the door should grow too i.e every year they should increase the length breadth and height of that door until the child becomes an adult. Thereafter that door shall remain and shall not be broken.

Second thing he told them was that they should not do anything be it administrative, be it drinking water, be it taking out a sword, be it any task in the world except moving themselves without measuring the luminosity of the sun. Only when it is more than 50,000 lux they should start their daily works.

He said otherwise you shall suffer.

When those royals listened to the fortune teller and as they were already superstitious they discussed that amongst each other while they were on there chariot home. Both the parents thought that to listen to that fortune teller would be a good idea as it should not hurt anything but would let them get by without getting hurt themselves.

(The only thing that these things hurt is that they cause great misery among the minds of people and affect their lives deeply. They get attuned in believing superstitious things because believing in one is a stepping stone to believing in all. One gets adhered to it strongly and superstition becomes beliefs which sometimes lead into religious beliefs. So be aware!)

Now they did as they were told.

The child had a separate entrance for the palace and he would only enter through there. Secondly they would always start their day after measuring the luminosity of sun which as they were told should be more than 50,000 lux.

Their life continued being involved in the superstitious beliefs but not their enemies’. Their enemies had heard about that superstition and that those royals believed in it. They also knew that they adhered to it very sharply.  So as the time went by the boy grew and his parents grew old but their enemies grew stronger.

Their enemies had started training a snake and a hyena to kill those royals and one day it happened. They knew that those royals including their son did not do anything until they had checked the luminosity of sun was more than 50,000 lux at that time. They sent their wild tamed beasts to kill that family. Now it so happened that when the royals saw those animals attacking them, the son and his father tried taking out the sword but the royal lady told them not to do so as they had not yet measured the sun’s luminosity and they tried simply to hide, run and duck. But the animals had got their scent and they were not going to spare them.

For sure they were killed as they were only allowed to move and not do anything else before measuring the sun’s luminosity. That superstition killed all those royals. So watch out kids do not let superstition betray you or feed you any trouble.

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