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tHe sWoRd ThAt sPLiT

Once there existed an era in time which was mostly magical but somewhat mechanical. In this era there existed a mighty empire that existed because of magic. This empire was the most powerful empire of that time because of its superiority in magic and peacekeeping will. This Empire which was called Samoree had the most powerful defences and most powerful peace keeping forces. Now, Samoyed had a capital named Sinooka. Sinooka lied at the border of the empire and it also bordered a small village named Miclock on its outskirts. Samoree had tried asking people of Miclock that if they would like to seek the protection of Samoree and be a part of their country but people of Miclock had gently refused that offer.

Miclock’s people did not believe in magic. They were more of a mechanical type of people and made mechanical things.

But, whatever, Miclock's people were also peace loving people and had never engaged in war.

Now, in Miclock there was a little girl who was a mechanical genius. She used to create many mechanical contraptions to enjoy by playing with them. Not only that she was also the daughter of chief of Miclock. This girl’s name was Nelomi. Nelomi had seen many mechanical contraptions being created by her dad and her uncles for security, fishing, hunting, etc purposes. She always wanted to make better than the things that she had seen.

This little girl, Nelomi as she started to grow up she realized that through mechanical might she can create a metal form that looks just like a human and works like it too. So she started working with metal to create a metal-human like machine. It took her 7 years to create that master piece but if she was a genius she could have done it in a year. Let me tell you that she actually had done that in a year itself but was not satisfied with it as it was too small. She wanted to make a metal - human like machine that was sky high. So she asked her father if she could use her dad’s machines to manufacture and design parts of her project and to which her father happily agreed to.

So in 7 years she created a metal-human that was 500 feet high and 50 feet wide and was perfect for her fun. She used to sit in it and make it run here and there and cut trees, hunt animals and do fishing with it. It was also a very good security thing.

It so happened that one day a diplomat from Samoree who was also the brother of king of Samoree was passing through Miclock. At the same time Nelomi was hunting some deers and things got bad. While hunting Nelomi did not knew that a diplomat from Samoree was passing through and also since she was sitting quite high in the human - like machine she could not the see the king’s brother while she was hunting for deers. The king’s brother mistakingly got hit by one of the deer's horn when the human-machine was trying to nab the herd of deers with the its arm, while Nelomi controlling it. The king’s brother was hurt bad. The soldiers who were marching behind Samoree’s king’s brother and were in charge of his security saw the huge human like machine and got really scared seeing that huge creature. They had seen nothing of that kind before and so the soldiers whose moral had already gotten low and were otherwise too low in numbers thought that it was better to help the diplomat and take him to the palace for his soon recovery than to fight the metal giant.

When Sameera's king came to know about his brother getting injured he was really furious about it and in a rage and without much thinking he ordered a group of knights to destroy that giant creature and whomsoever comes in the way.

This creature as you know was Nelomi’s favourite machine and she was daughter of the chief of Miclock. She would not let it get destroyed. The knights attacked the giant but they failed in harming it even a little bit as they could not penetrate its armour. All of their swords broke or bended while attacking the metal giant. Many of the knights got injured very badly while fighting with the metal-machine, some of them even got slayed. The remaining knights returned back to the kingdom and told about this to the king.

Now since this king had mighty magic in his kingdom. The king asked its sorcerers to make a blade that could not be destroyed by metal or magic and would help in maintaining peace. The sorcerers used all their powerful spells and magical chemicals to make such a blade in a few days.

This sword was then given to the king to destroy the metal-human thing. This sword was also given strength that it shall not harm innocent to maintain peace and integrity of the kingdom. The king then with his entire army marched towards Miclock to destroy the man-metal.

There was a huge fight between the king, its soldiers and  people of Miclock including its man-metal. King’s army destroyed many of Miclock's machines using magical might but the huge man-machine was not getting affected by the magic of Samoree’s army.

So it was king and it’s sword’s turn to destroy the metal giant. The king came near the metal giant while flying cunningly and hit its arm with his sword(blade) and everybody was shocked to see a huge cut on the metal-human giant. Nelomi saw that too and she became alarmed. She realized that the sword the king had could definitely kill her favourite toy so as soon as the king tried to fly in the air again using magic and cast another blow through the heart of the metal giant, Nelomi jumped in between the sword and the metal giant. The sword that was meant to pierce the heart of the metal giant split into two equal pieces (lengthwise) and thus could not be used anymore as it could not be held. Everybody was shocked to see that. The king soon realized his folly and stood on ground thinking that what kind of hell he raised just because of his stupid rage.

He then asked for a formal and a moral apology from people of Miclock. He then used the magic of his kingdom to help bind machines of people of Miclock including the huge metal giant that had got completely or almost destroyed in the battle back to their original form.

Peace existed later and Miclock became a powerful ally of Samoree then.

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