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tHe tALon oF A sPy

It is mostly said that spies have a sharp brain but how sharp mostly depends upon the training given to them and their learning skills.

In olden times there was this country that had many of its spies in its neighbouring country. The reason for that was that the neighbouring country’s leader had sworn to destroy its neighbouring enemies and Anesia was one of its neighbouring target. On hearing this news and knowing the commitment of evil enemy country named Baminock, Anesia  wasted no time in sending its spies to Baminock. Baminock was already cautious of there plan and had placed strong laws against spies of enemy states. They were using all of there resources and techniques to trap spies of enemy nations and they were quite successful. So a state of cold war existed. Anesia was a nation whose people had strong feelings of patriotism and would die to protect their country. For that reason all of its spies recieved training very diligently and through heart.

While spying the spies of Anesia had come to know  that Baminock had made a biological bomb. That bomb contained a chemical which when exploded reacted with the moisture in the air to form a chain reaction releasing and making further of that biological chemical multiply to a very indefinite amount which was enough to harm people, plants and animals in about 1000km^2 of an area. This was a lot of area for destruction.

Now the objective of the spies was to anyhow know the chemical composition of that biological bomb and tell it to Anesia. The reason for knowing the composition was to prepare an antidote that would protect people of Anesia and its property and also would warn the leader of Baminock that the bomb they are making would be ineffective as they already have the antidote for that.

In some time one of the spies named Soriack had stolen the access card for biological labs of Baminock. It was a golden opportunity for Anesia to get to know the chemical composition of that biological bomb . He secretly got it and tried to tell it to Anesia’s  superior commanding officers by sending it through a radio message. But before he could do that the spies of Baminock came to know about Soriack and thus he got arrested. They tortured him and then threw him in a deep dense dark prison where there was very less sunlight.

Now Soriack was a true patriot and a peace lover. He did not want anything happen to people of his country. This could only happen if he gets out of that confinement/prison cell and radios through the radio of that prison to his superiors the chemical formula of that biological bomb. He stayed locked up for a while but kept on thinking and thinking on how he could open the place where he was locked up and radio the composition to his superiors. He knew that there was a radio communication system just next to the area where he was locked up in the prison. After much thinking he made a plan and somehow saw the key that opened the door of his prison and tried to remember it. Then he started growing up his right hand’s first finger nail. As the nail grew to an almost perfect length he cut it and started rubbing the nail and thereby shaping and carving it to the exact shape of the key that he remembered. In a few days he had carved the nail to the exact shape of the key that could unlock his prison door.

At night he began his mission and objective. When nobody was around he took his key-nail out and successfully opened his prison’s lock. The next objective was to enter radio room and radio the chemical composition. To do that he stealthily entered the radio room and hid behind a pillar. When the radio operator went out to get a break he sat on the stool besides radio and punctured in he exact frequency code to send his message. After doing that he was able to successfully contact and communicate with his superiors and then he gave them the composition of that biological bomb.

After having done that he slowly, stealthily and quickly went back to his prison room and locked himself up without anybody coming to know about it. Since that frequency in which he aired the formula was unmonitored Baminock did not come to know about that communication.

Anesia scientists wasted no time and in about a month made an antidote for that biological bomb.

Then Anesia fired back at Baminock telling them they now know the compostion of the biological bomb that Baminock had made and that they have developed an antidote for that. Baminock had taken years to make that secret bomb but now all their efforts got into vain.

Therefore as a result of the revelation of that compostion the Cold War came to an end and Baminock retreated as it was taken aback. Both the countries then slowly released spies from their prisons to go back to their respective countries. Thus peace was restored thanks to Soriack and his talon.

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