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tHe tHiEf sHaDoWs

God initially made shadows of light i.e. there were no shadows visible although they existed . As mankind or man (Un)kind advanced through ages shadows started shedding light because man started doing bad deeds. They became pit dark and started becoming alive.

But as they started becoming alive they started to feel hungry too. So a truce was made between the leaders of shadows and the shadows themselves that they could eat food like fruits and vegetables (in form of shadows) only when it is completely dark. The shadows obeyed and agreed to it.

But some shadows were evil minded and could not resist themselves. They started eating shadows of food and other things including forbidden ones even during the day. Most of the times there eating went unnoticed. But there was one person that started noticing it. Initially he did not bother himself too much for that but strange things started to happen in the world like there would be light for more than 24 hours and sometimes even more than that (as the evil shadows would eat the moon’s shadow leaving no darkness on earth when was meant to be). This caused damage to the crops which further lead men and women and their kids to suffer because of lack of food.

That boy started to feel that shadows were alive and were behind all this.

Now, this boy had a strong name. His name was “Arakruno” which meant destruction of mightiest evil. Arakruno told about this to his parents and friends. He told them that this was all happening because of shadows, may not be all of them. He also told them that they were alive i.e had life in them. His loved ones did not pay heed to him and told him that he was thinking too much. Arakruno did not wanted the world to suffer so he decided to take matters in his own hand.

He had observed that only some shadows ate other shadows and that he thought those must be the evil ones. He devised a plan to trap those though a trap made up of shadows.

He kept some delicious food which included lots of meat and fruits in front of a candle light in a deep dense forest and let its shadow smell propagate there. The shadow of the food was cast inside a cage whose bars looked like branches of a tree so the trap remained unnoticed. He then waited for the evil shadows to sniff the food and come there.

After about 2 hours he saw a huge numbers of shadows attacking the food like piranha attacks its prey. He saw that and shouted in a ghostly voice asking “if there was anybody left” as if he was a friend of shadows. The shadows were busy eating and said without looking upon the person or thing that called upon them. They said “No more of us are left because we hunt together like a pack of wolves and don’t leave our sisters hungry.”

As Arakruno made sure that there was no other evil shadow left to destroy he trapped them in the shadow of the cage by releasing its door and then put the trees surrounding it on fire.

The intense heat and light killed the shadows in an instant and the world became a much safer place to live.

Later, just to make sure that all evil shadows were dead he set up the traps quite a few times and found that no other evil shadow came to eat the trapped food. Thus he made sure that he had killed all the evil shadows.

The good shadows also understood the importance of not stealing and obeying rules of nature and mankind. Peace then and now exists between mankind and shadows.

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