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tHe wArRiORs oF tHe LaNd oF tHe RiSiNg sUn

Once in Japan existed three mighty warriors and an evil Japanese sorcerer (among other evil sorcerers). These Japanese warriors were elite in their class and had remained undefeated for a very long time. Only people that could defeat them were each other. Nobody else had neither the strength or capability to defeat them.

The evil Japanese sorcerer that I am talking about was one of the most powerful sorcerer of all times in Japan. He had great sorcery powers through which he could launch deadly sorcery towards his foes and make them suffer. The thing that he lacked was defensive powers which made him a sitting duck sometimes from attack of other evil and good sorcerers. He had tried to create defensive magic many times to protect himself but he had failed.

After few years of struggling with the ability or sorcery to create defensive powers this evil sorcerer who was also called Sasha devised a plan. He planned to capture the three mighty warriors of Japan and then use them for his protection. He developed an evil sorcery through which he would trap the three most powerful warriors of Japan and would put them in a jewel. That jewel that he would wear would hang loose from his neck like a necklace and would cover and protect his heart both physically and magically from attacks. (His heart was a weak point that could give give him death if hurt physically or magically).

How this jewel would protect him was that the trapped warriors would be forced to protect him (since the jewel in which they will be trapped would be facing the direction of attacks) or die from attacks of other evil sorcerers themselves. All they had to do would be to defend themselves using swords and other weapons (in which they were highly trained) from the juice of attacks as they usually did like in physical fights. The magical jewel that Sasha would be wearing would then magnify and convert those attacks into magical forces. It would then release those forces from itself that would erode the attack.

To put this plan into action all he had to do was to show the jewel to the warriors anywhere and anytime and he succeeded in doing so. After the warriors saw that jewel they shrinked and got trapped in it one after the other.

The news of disappearance of these warriors spread. It got heard far and wide in Japan. People were surprised to hear that the mighty warriors who could not be defeated by anyone had disappeared all of a sudden. Even the cops were helpless as they had no clue about their disappearance.

After capturing those three warriors Sasha told those warriors that if they love their life and want to live even so in captivity they would have to defend and wade off the evil attacks that come towards him. Otherwise, neither he would live and neither would they. All they had to do was to fight with their swords and weapons normally in an elite manner as they would fight for physical fights and the evil forces or juice of forces would be waded off. Rest they should leave to the jewel.

The mighty warriors who had never lost a battle or let even a single scratch come to their body in their trained life had to obey to live their life even though it was a captive life trapped in a jewel.

While being trapped in the jewel they fought many forces but were tired of being trapped in the stone. Staying with Sasha and staying in that jewel for a very long time they came to know some secrets about destroying the jewel and Sasha. The secret on how to kill that sorcerer and get released lied in shattering the jewel and his heart. But the problem was that these warriors had too much power and whatever they did was amplified by the jewel to protect Sasha. They then thought for a while and decided to meditate . This was done so that they could reduce their physical attack capability to only that much that it does not got amplified by the jewel and therefore it is used only for their own protection and not Sasha’s. After quite a lot of meditation they were able to reduce their attack capability and capacity to a minimum that could not be magnified and thus would only be used for their protection and not Sasha’s when attacked.

They then waited for a day to come when somebody attacked straight towards Sasha’s heart. This happened on one fine day when the evil soccer was practicing his sorcery in a river in front of the rising morning sun. What happened was that suddenly another sorcerer came from the hiding of the bushes and sent a magical force straight to Sasha’s heart. The warriors were ready but Sasha was not. The warriors used only so much defence that they got protected but Sasha did not. That magical force went straight through the jewel destroying it and heart of Sasha. Sasha died at that instant and since the jewel had broken the warriors grew back to their original size and were let loose and thereby set free.

After the warriors were set free they requested the king of Japan to banish all sorcery from the kingdom and which was immediately done. Sorcerers who did not comply were arrested and send behind bars. Thus later, peace prevailed in Japan.

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