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Long time ago in a far away galaxy there was a planet called Movitony. On Movitony there were two separate land masses or continents with water between them. Both the land mass was forever moving on the planet at a higher rate than the continents on earth. But these land masses never collided because they were of same magnetic field thus there existed a repulsive force between them. These landmasses had a fixed time and a day when they came the closest. That day and time they came so close that if people on that planet acted fast a bridge could be built to join them. Since the land masses were moving so if a bridge was built to join them then they would move together on that planet by becoming due to the linkage by the bridge between the two land masses. So as people on that planet realized this fact. They communicated and tried  building a bridge to connect the two land masses at the right day and time and were successful. But to do that the people had used a very strong metal that could not be broken ever. The linkages between the bridge could become loose but the bridge itself was indestructible.

Now, it so happened that generations passed and people of the two land masses did not got well together. The people of the two land masses did not like each other so they kept to themselves and did not cross the bridge for a very long time. Then the disparities turned to huge differences and finally they became sworn enemies.

Due to huge differences the bigger of the two landmasses people became more strong in their militia and wanted to raid the people of the opposite land mass and destroy them. The people of the smaller opposite land mass had never strengthened their armies because they did not knew that they would have to see this day.

Then idea came into their minds. They thought of destroying the bridge to break the physical link between the two landmasses so that they could be saved from the enemy if required. But that could not be easily done. The metal that their ancestors used still was strong and could not be destroyed.

Then the people of the weaker landmass were sent a war notice. According to which they were given 6 months to surrender or be destroyed.

Now the people of weaker landmass got worried and they had to think of a way to stop getting raided by enemy armies. They had to break the bridge anyhow. They knew that the bridge was unbreakable so something else had to be done.

Then the wise men of the weaker landmass devised a material from scratch just like their ancestors would do. The material was an unbreakable rubber. With that rubber they formed huge balloons and at night secretly tied their mouths loosely around the bridge.

There were lots of forests at the side of bridge which had a huge number of trees. So they did a trick. During the night itself they started burning their side of trees and throwing them in the water so as to form lots of steam. This steam started entering the balloons through their loosely opened mouths and started inflating balloons that were tied to the bridge. The balloons became so huge that the bridge although could not be broken but got lifted away and thus the landmasses got free and became as they were before the bridge was built - moving.

Now, the link was broken and the stronger armies of the bigger landmass could not attack or destroy the weaker, all because of the intellect of the people of smaller landmass.

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