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Once when there were no humans on earth and only many gods lived on earth. These although were gods but had many similarities to humans. They used to fight, love, play, cry, be happy and do many other things that humans do. These gods mostly lived on an island called Japan.

To begin with, this story is about two friend gods that were like brothers from their childhood. They had very strong friendship amongst themselves and truly cared a lot about each other. One of those god’s name was Unafurtangt. The other god’s name was Sintret . As they grew up they became strong gods and met a girl named Betoon which was from another god village on earth.

Betoon loved Unafurtangt very dearly and wanted to marry him. But on the other hand Sintret loved Betoon too and wanted to marry her. Betoon had seen some evil in the eyes of Sintret and so she rejected him and did not like him.

On one fine occasion Unafurtangt told Betoon that he likes her and wants to raise a family with her. Betoon was thrilled to hear that and happily agreed to that proposal. They then got married.

This could not be digested by Sintret who left Japan and went to live on the mainland-earth. There he decided that would take revenge and avenge what had happened to him.

He knew that he was a single god and if he wanted to take revenge from Unafurtangt he would have to fight all the gods living on that island where Unafurtangt lived. That thought did not make the idea of revenge go away in fact it strengthened his god blood. He kept on thinking and tried to figure out a way to beat those gods and Unafurtangt. After much pondering he remembered one day that even though they all were god they still had mortal forms and they could be killed by if something causes their blood to stop absorbing oxygen. This was only possible though the venom from serpents mouth. He put this plan to reality.

First he made a magical armour for himself to protect himself from venom and wore it. Then with his godly powers he captured and trapped many snakes and squashed them to release poison from their mouths. He then collected and stored that poison. After he had collected sufficient amount of poison he did the next step. Then he worked with all his godly powers to quickly build mighty numerous ships for launching attack.These ships were fitted with poisonous arrows. Secondly he loaded clouds with poison and sent them towards Japan. While the clouds were reaching there he sent a message of declaration of war towards all gods and Unafurtangt with his long shot bow. In the message he wrote that he will bring venom through ships and also make it rain through the clouds as they had insulted his love for Betoon.

When Unafurtangt received that letter he was shocked and worried . Other Gods who read the letter of declaration of war got worried and shocked too as they were unprepared for that and did not see it coming.

But even if they were prepared for war or not the war was knocking at their doors. There was no time for them to practice war arts.

By that time the venomous clouds reached Japan and also the ships had surrounded the island of Japan completely but were at a distance from the shores. All the ships were controlled by Sintret. Sintret moved faster than lightning jumping from one ship to another and started shooting arrows that were loaded with venom of deadly snakes. Many gods used shields to defend themselves but the arrows were so venomous that the shields got destroyed. The venom acted as acid that ate the shields.

Unafurtangt had to do something to protect his friends and family.

He then decided that if Sintret wants to die he than shall surely will. The clouds that had venom in them were already surrounding and over the land of rising sun (Japan). With his magic he grew in size so that he goes beyond the altitude of clouds but was shielded against their venom through his magical armour that grew in size with him. He was doing it without breathing so that not a single drop of venom touches its inside of the body and makes him weak. Then he went near the ocean and drank ¾ of the ocean water and spit it in space. This made the ships arrows not reach Japan as they had gone too low thus were far from Japan’s gods’ habilitations.

Seeing all that Sintret was in fear and had caused the clouds to rain venom. When Unafuratngt saw that he caused tremendous lightning in the clouds with his anger. This set fire to venom that was raining over Japan and thus not a single drop of venom reached/touched the land. Although no venom was reaching Japan’s land but it was surely reaching and raining at the ocean-shores and waters near the ships. Lots of venom acid that had already accumulated in the ocean waters by rain also caught fire and burnt the ships that Sintret had brought to destroy Japan. Sintret suffered injuries too as his magical armour was not meant for that much damage. It was although protected for venom but not from its fire.

Later all the gods-jury decided that Sintret would forever be banished from heavens and would to have to find his own space to live. He still says today in a place called hell where people like him go and live after death and is not a good place to live or to stay in.

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