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A mAgiCaL ChriStMaS pReSeNt

Once there was a boy named Straf. Although he was from not a very rich family Straf was always nice to the people around him. In fact he was too nice and did extraordinary deeds of goodness and kindness for kids of his age and for older people as well. Due to this he always got whatever practicable gifts possible from Santa that he wanted. (Remember by practicable gifts I mean, non magical gifts i.e. those gifts that did not cause or produce magic from them). He was always happy with the Christmas presents he got and always loved them very dearly. Straf was very fond of Christmas not only because of presents he got but also because it was a festival of lights and people gave and shared their hearts, emotions and the decorations (by sight).

Now Straf was turning 15 and in three years he would not be able to get presents from Santa anymore as he would turn into an adult by 18. So he thought and thought! During the last wishing year he wished for a gift that would help him nothing more but to celebrate more Christmas than ever. He wished for a thing that would remain a secret and still help him see christmas around the world, actually he wished for something magical. (A magical gift is not usually given to humans by Santa. It is usually reserved for the elves). So when elves got his wish letter they were a bit baffled and did not know what to do because they knew that Straf was the nicest of kids, secondly, he was going to turn 18 and also the only thing that he was wishing was for to see how people celebrated Christmas around the world.

The request was initially denied by the senior elves but since Straf needed no other gift than that and was a very nice boy after much thinking that present was accepted to be made. Since he wanted a present that would be secret, the elves thought that why not give him a magical bed which would remain visible and thus not look suspicious and thus would remain a secret. The elves agreed.

So before he turned 18, that christmas they sent him a huge parcel containing that magical bed kept besides his christmas tree during christmas night. Now when Straf woke up he went near the Christmas tree to see what had Santa send for christmas. When he saw a huge gift he was excited but when he opened its and saw it he was confused. Then he read the letter attached to it. The letter said “ it will fulfill your dreams to see Christmas around your heart’s gleam.” Straf first thought that it was joke but when he read the instruction manual for the bed he soon realized that that bed was a magical bed and that it would take him to places whenever he wanted, during christmas to see how people celebrated Christmas in different parts of the world.

Now this christmas went by in which he finished installing the bed in his room.

Next christmas came and he got excited. He followed the instruction manual and visited different parts of the world during that season. All he did was that he had to turn of the candle light of his room and lay on the bed and say  “ bed take me to the nicest place this season where there are lights so bright and presents so pleasant that I get christmas right“ and the bed used wrap him with its legs then become air afloat and “woo” it used to fly in the sky with 100 times the speed of sound and would reach sometimes a  small village in the Alps and sometimes a busy intersection in downtown of a busy city, sometimes he use to reach mountain tops and see the lights of the towns in the valleys which would seem like the stars had descended on earth. He saw the entire world with that bed but soon it was his time to get married and he did.

This secret was not not known to his wife until he took her too for a ride. His wife was impressed when she saw the entire world. Now her wife was a bit cunning and money minded. She told her husband that why don’t they sell off the bed and they would earn good money from that which they would use in their business and for their future lad. Straf was going to say no but she at that moment suddenly sat on that bed while giving a jerk to it. The bed instantaneously broke . Straf’s wife suffered some injures at the back too but then she realized that “Presents are for more valuable than money and they should not be always used to trap in some honey”.

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