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Mr. PiNcHy

To a new born gifts are always precious but to this baby his new gift turned out be a bit bad for himself. To know this let us got through the story and find out how.

Once in village there lived a family with only husband and a wife as the family members. Both the parents wished for a baby boy but the local witch did not let them have a baby by casting a spell on them because once they had caused her a great ordeal of discomfort. This did not stop the parents from praying to the fairy godmother about them getting a child.

You know fairies are usually very busy creatures and they have long list of demands from people which they are always trying to fulfill. So after a long time the fairy godmother got a chance to know the wish of these childless parents. Along with that she also came to know the curse of the witch that was cast upon those parents that they won’t be able to have a human child. But since the wish was given to the fairy godmother it had to be fulfilled. So she checked something. She analyzed that humans are usually of the size between 6 inches (size of baby in a womb) to a size of 6-8 feet so it will be difficult to give them that sized human baby be it a boy or a girl. Then thinking for quite a while she realized that she can give a gift of baby who looks like an elf but will be less than 6 inches tall. So she decided to do that.

She went to the husband and wife the that night and gave them a small box wrapped by a gift wrapping paper and tied with a beautiful ribbon. She then whispered in the mother’s ear that this was the gift that she and her husband always wanted and then disappeared in the air. The lady felt a bit confused because she wanted a child and how could there be child in a gift box but she did not hesitate to open it. She carefully untied the ribbon and then opened the lid of the box.  When she opened the lid she saw a beautiful small elf sleeping in the box.

She wanted to wake him up but she also did not wanted to disturb him by touching him so she gently blew air from her mouth over his body. Feeling the cool air the small elf started feelin cold and opened his eyes. When he saw that a lady was blowing air over him he felt a bit scarred and since he was just a little elf in his age as well he asked the lady that who she was and who he was. The lady did not lie to him. She said that he was a little boy who was gifted to him by the fairy godmother. She asked her if she could call him Pinchy. The elf said that it was okay whatever she names him because he was his son and she had to take care of him until he grows up.

The evil witch who was hiding behind the window where Pinchy was lying and suddenly came out furious. She said “ I had cursed you people not to have a child, how then dare you get one?” She then had seen and heard that the lady had kept the name of the small elf who was her baby from now on as Pinchy and why because she liked his cheeks very much and wanted that whoever saw him should pinch on his cheeks to make him know that he was a cute boy.

The witch cursed that whoever pinches him and utters any work to be done will come true and went away. Pinchy’s father who was standing behind his mother was also seeing this but was helpless and could not do anything so he, Pinchy and Pinchy’s mother all became a bit sad and they said that Pinchy should not tell about his curse to anyone. Pinchy agreed to it.

Now Pinchy started growing up, not in size but in his age and started going to human school. He initially had difficulty getting along the tall human students but as time passed he learned to manage it. Pinchy was not a very bright theoretical study student but an awesome practical worker. So he continued getting good grades in his practical works but scoring poor in theoretical studies.

One day there came a new teacher in his class. This teacher was very strict. She gave an assignment to be done by all her students including Pinchy. This assignment was a class assignment so it had to be done in the classroom. When the time was over everybody submitted the assignment. Now, she was checking and giving grades to the students but as soon  as Pinchy’s assignment was given marks, she called him and pinched his cheeks in a negative way. She said “ you have scored the least grades of all that I have checked until now, I wish that you had a bigger brain” and suddenly Pinchy’s head grew bigger. Everybody who saw that freaked out and they realized that Pinchy had a curse on his cheeks and whoever touches it and wants some work to be done gets it done. The class sat for few moments and then suddenly they ran to catch Pinchy and touch his cheeks and ask for wishes.

Pinchy by that time had realized that his curse was known to all and thus it was not safe there. He ran towards home and when he saw his mom and dad who got afraid seeing his large big head. He then told them that his curse was not a secret anymore and many kids were after him to get his cheeks pinched. His parents hid him in a cupboard and whichever student came after him and asked for him they told them that he was not at home and that he had gone somewhere far. Pinchy stayed in the cupboard for a while and when it was safe he came out.

He and his parents were very worried and did not know what to do. They then again prayed to fairy godmother for help. Fairy godmother who heard there prayer and immediately ascended to their house and asked “what was wrong”? Pinchy told them the entire incident and the story and asked how he could get rid of the curse. Fairy godmother told him that since the magic cannot be fought for through magic so it is time that he had to do something for himself by himself. Pinchy asked “ what could he do”?

The fairy godmother told her that she will send him to a magical place and there he will have three tasks to do. First one will be to cross a huge mountainous range that would be the size of all mountain ranges on earth combined in 7 days. Secondly he will have to find water coloured eggs born of a fish and take one of its egg and break it. Thirdly he will have to kill a flying snake. Then she said that if he could not complete the tasks he would die and never would be able to see his parents. Pinchy was brave and said “yes” he could do that and that when can he start.

The fairy godmother took her magical band out and waived it in the air and suddenly Pinchy was transported to that magical land.

Now, Pinchy saw the mountain range which was a mile ahead of him. He did not know how he would be able to cross the huge mountain range but he was determined to do so. On the was he saw a huge flying pig whose wings were the cutest wings of all. The flying pig was digging in the ground to find something. When Pinchy saw that he asked that could he be of any help? The flying pig who was busy digging up the mud stopped doing that and turned around. The pig said that he was such a tiny creature and so how could he be of any help. Pinchy said that although he was tiny he was more maneuverable so he might be able to help the flying pig.

The flying pig then told him the incident. He said that he was sleeping and rolling over his back too much and thus a feather from his wings had fallen somewhere there on the ground. He then told Pinchy that without the feather he would not able to fly. Pinchy told him that let him search for it if he does not mind. The pig said “ go ahead ”. Pinchy then started searching for the feather. He then told the pig to lift his belly that was touching the ground. When the pig lifted his belly the feather that the pig was looking for was lying there right underneath it. Pinchy picked up the huge feather and gave it to the flying pig. The pig was very happy to get the feather and thanked Pinchy for that. The pig first attached the feather and then asked if he could be of any help? Pinchy told him his whole story and also told him that crossing the mountain range was very important for him to get his life back.

The flying pig then held Pinchy’s shirt with his mouth and turned his neck towards back and then released him so that he gets seated over his back.

The pig was so big that Pinchy and the pig flew and crossed the entire mountain range in less than a day. Pinchy thanked the flying pig for that.

Now, the next task was that he had to find water coloured eggs of a fish. But there was no ocean or lake to found nearby. The pig then told Pinchy that the fish eggs he is looking are found in the oasis in the desert. Pinchy then decided to go toward the oasis. The pig again helped him. He and pinchy flew to the desert and found the oasis.

They found the oasis for sure but was difficult to find the fish that laid water coloured eggs. Pinchy asked the pig for his help again. The flying pig told that the oasis was too small and that he can drink all the water and filter out the solid things if Pinchy wished that. Pinchy thought for a while and said that they should go ahead with that idea and they did.

The flying pig drank all the water and left the solid things behind in the oasis. Pinchy then started looking for water coloured eggs and suddenly he found them. He then took one of the egg and broke it and suddenly a star got shone inside the egg. It was so bright that the flying pig shadowed it. In the shadow they saw that it was nothing but a sword shining in the desert sun. Pinchy thought that he could carry and use it, so he took it.

Now suddenly a flying snake attacked them from air and tried to bite Pinchy but he somewhat escaped. Suddenly the pig held Pinchy’s shirt and made him bounce so that he gets seated over his back. The pig then Told Pinchy that let’s fight the snake together. He told him to aim for the eye with his sword and so Pinchy did. They fought a great battle and in the end pinchy took out both the eyes of the snake and punctured his head with the sword. The snake died.

Pinchy had just completed all his tasks given to him by the fairy godmother when suddenly she appeared and said that now his curse was removed and he would be able to live normally but then she asked does he want to be of same height or wants to be of human height. The boy replied that all this got possible because of his small height so he would prefer to have the same height that he had. Fairy godmother smiled and waived her wand and went away.

In a second he was magically transported back to earth with his parents. His head was not big or large anymore but of normal size and his cheeks were not cursed anymore. Thereafter he lived happily ever after with his parents.

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