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tHe bUbBLe tHAt tRaPpEd a hOuSe

Long ago there was a scientist whose name was Cloud. He was a funny scientist who used to do various types of stupid experiments everyday. Mostly he did not succeed in getting the outcome but he still never lost his heart and hope.

Once he was trying to make a bubble that would be able to surround the whole house and therefore would look beautiful from outside-In.

So to make that, he had to think about the properties of the bubble that would make his dream possible. The properties of that bubble, he thought should be something like :

  1. It should allow the flow of fluid or a body in and out of the bubble without breaking the bubble itself.

  2. Secondly, it should be sturdy enough so that it does not break for years to come.

So he started working upon this idea. He did lots of experiment trying to make a bubble like he wanted but initially did not succeed.

He did various experiments. Sometimes he made bubbles that were very colourful and sometimes he made bubbles that kept on making sharp squeaky noises. Some bubbles he made burst and left him flooded with the material they were made up of which was a waste of time to cleanup.

So whatever he did, he did not succeed in making the bubble that he wished for.

But one day something unique happened. Cloud mixed some chemicals together and put them in a test tube. Then he made a small lightning conductor and attached it to the table where he had put the test tube. He had at that time thought of producing lightning through a small spark and it getting it absorbed by the lightning conductor. The main idea involved in this was that he wanted to produce a different kind of electromagnetic field near the chemical mixture he created to form the desired bubble by producing a lightning spark and it getting absorbed by the lightning conductor.

The experiment was all setup and he went in the store room of his house where he was doing the experiment to get some batteries and produce a spark by discharge.

As soon as he went inside suddenly he heard a Big Bang and saw that roof of house was ripped apart through the centre. He immediately came out. He saw that the lightning from the clouds had struck the mini lightning conductor and caused a chaos. The table where the lightning conductor was placed broke and the test tube in which the bubble forming chemicals were kept had also broken. He saw that a huge bubble started forming from there and in a matter of seconds engulfed the entire house.

When Cloud saw that he was excited and dumbstruck! Something that he had been working on for a long time and had wanted it desperately was right in front of his eyes.

Then he tried testing it. He tried walking out of the enclosed bubble but could not. So he tried breaking it by poking it with a sharp knife but that did not succeed in that too.

His excitement turned into fear as he did not wanted to get chocked to death in that bubble. At that moment he did not know what to do. He sat on the ground and thought of breaking that bubble somehow. Since the bubble did not pierce so he thought it should be blasted away.

He mixed all the chemicals through which he could cause a blast or an explosion and cause the bubble to break. Because if  you can’t pierce a bubble you can at least blast it off. Then he barricaded himself in a room and caused the blast to occur.

One, two and three BOOM! an explosion occurred. Cloud was very much sure that bubble would break through such a strong explosion. So to check that he came outside of his barricade and looked up through the crack of the house in roof to check if bubble broke away. But to his frightful astonishment nothing had happened to the bubble and it still surrounded the house as if had form an unbreakable prison wall. The house although suffered some damage.

Cloud had tired whatever he could to break the prison but he had failed. He then realized that since no chemical reaction was working on the bubble, there should be some other way through which he could break the bubble.

It was night time already and since he had not slept for two days he was very tired and wanted to sleep even if not for long. He then went to his bed, laid down on it and closed his eyes. But before he went to sleep he set an alarm for 5 hours from then. He was much tired at that time so he just slept without thinking that what would happen tomorrow. He had given up all hope that night.

After 5 hours the Alarm clock beeped and Cloud opened his eyes and sprang out of his bed. He then thought that if he can’t break the bubble why should not he try to modify it. At that time he did not know how to do that.

He went to library in his house and tried looking for some answers. He kept on looking through the books and throwing them down the shelves. What he was looking for even he did not know. He kept on doing that for a while until he had made a mess of all those books on the floor and until no book was left on the shelf. He stepped down the ladder and again checked the books but to his hopelessness he did not find any chemical formula that he thought might be worthy to help him to break the bubble. He looked confused and was looking here and there when he happened to have a look at a book.

The book’s title was shape shifting and there was a square drawn over a circle. This gave him an idea. He realized that a spherical shape gives the most strength to a structure and it is difficult to break that structure because of the shape. Just like the shape of a oval shaped egg which is naturally strong because of it’s shape as it is difficult to break by compressing it with the palm of one’s hands.

He screamed YIPPE! He decided that even if the bubble was very strong, if the shape of it is altered to a cubical or a cuboidal shape then it might be possible the weaken the bubble and then ultimately break it. He then started working on this task.

He brought 2 steel polls and extended them by cranking them such that one aside of the polls touch the ground and other side touches the inner membrane of bubbles. The poles were kept in an inverted “V” shape extending from the centre area of the house. He then added some soap to the walls of the bubble by his hands.

He had added soap to the walls of the bubble so that when he causes an explosion the greasiness of soap causes the walls of the bubble to bend to a different shape.

Then he caused a great explosion once again. This explosion was bigger than the previous one. He caused it only after he had barricaded himself properly inside one of his room.

To his wonders, after the explosion a magic occurred and the bubble distorted its shape to an uneven shape.

What was next? Cloud brought a small harpoon weapon and fired the harpoon towards the bubble’s wall and Loo! The bubble broke and he literarily had a sigh of relief.

That day he realized that he had learnt a lot and should be careful with what he wanted and experimented upon.

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