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tHe FaIrY aNd “HECK”

Once there lived only fairies on planet Earth. The fairies were happy on the Earth. They used to play, dance, eat and enjoy on the planet. But one fairy named Earthfire always wanted to have houses on the clouds.

This fairy was a scientist.

Now, she had tried many things to form something as that could float in air and they could build houses on it. Helium balloons were useless because they could easily get punctured and fall on Earth. So, she always wanted to do something about that.

One day in her lab she was working. She mixed helium, epoxy and carbon fibre and heated them to a temperature of around 400 degree celsius. Suddenly there occurred a chemical reaction through which a big cloud formed.

She hadn’t used much of chemicals to do that reaction. Approximately 1 gram of each of reactants was used but it formed a giant cloud of around 10 square meter. She checked the cloud and found it was pretty fluffy and also very strong and called it HECK( Helium Epoxy Carbon-fibre Kicking to form a cloud). The cloud floated in air. To check its strength she tried sitting on the cloud and found that it supported her completely and did not fall on ground. She was happy to see that and shouted “Awesome”.

Upon further testing Earthfire saw that cloud she had made could fly in the atmosphere of Earth without ever getting crushed or without having to be rebuild again. HECK cloud could be made of different colours and could support heavy things on top of it i.e. houses and buildings could be built on top of it which would float in the air.

She was delighted to invent such kind of cloud.

Slowly the world of fairies starting using HECK as construction material to form buildings and houses on HECK clouds that floated  in the air and until the turn of a decade all of the fairies started having houses built on HECK which were floating at approximately 3000 feet of altitude and fairies enjoyed that.

Sometimes the winds were strong and the houses got bumped into each other which was fun for them. They enjoyed it because it was like having bumpy car rides in the amusement parks in which upon pressing the accelerator the car goes into whichever direction one steers to and then gets bumped into another car.

Now, to generate electricity fairies had build windmills beside their houses on HECK . For drinkable water they did rain water harvesting. Some fairies got water from nearby stores but it was upon them to choose whatever type of water they wanted to drink.

The fun part with the HECK was that they could play in the air with balls that were made of HECK and floated in air. These balls could be hockey balls or hockey pucks, soccer balls, rugby balls, lacrosse balls, baseball balls or cricket balls.

Since the fairies had never played these sports in air even though they could fly it was difficult at first to hit the floating balls with hockey stick or baseball or cricket bat as they would miss the ball or slip and fall in air. But when they started doing that it was more fun for them to play these kind of sports as these sports became more challenging.

Now there was once a fairy born. She was born with no wings and named “Wingless”. The fairy never minded that name instead she liked that name because she always interpreted it as Winner, Glorious and Sensible Surely.

Since HECK was already there she could still be floating in the air.

Now, because the fairy did not have wings she could not go from one HECK cloud to other so she had to be made special shoes made of HECK  that supported her weight and so she could walk in the air without falling on ground, which was fun too.

Now since she did not have wings she could not fly as fast as other fairies, all of them who had wings.

She always wanted to prove that she could move as fast as the other fairies so she tried something different.

She went to an empty cloud made of HECK alone and tried running on HECK without her floating shoes she saw that she was a pretty good runner but she realized that running on ground and air walking/running was totally different so she figured that to fly faster in air one needs to swim through the fluid of air rather than run on it. To do that she needed a little bit more equipment than normal.

She then went to a HECK manufacturing shop and asked the fairy working there to make her wristbands made of HECK for both wrists of her arm that can support half her body weight. The shop fairy took her wrists sizes and made her wrist HECKs. When she wore them they fitted her perfectly and supported her weight completely. She was happy to see that.

Now instead of practicing running she started practicing swimming. She used to go to an artificial lake on HECK and practiced swimming there for hours everyday and became proficient in it.

Now, with the HECKs tied to her wrist and also wearing shoes of HECK started to practice to swim in air and realized that she was pretty fast to do that. After some time she realized that she was swimming in air with almost the same speed as with which other fairies were flying.

She then decided to challenge some of the fairies to beat them in a flight race. The other fairies did not wanted to say no to Wingless so they raced. Wingless could not win but she came second and that was pretty fast too. Other fairies were surprised to see that and hugged her rejoicing. She was happy for that and never felt bad even a little bit that she never had wings because she matched the pace of her fellow fairies without wings.

That day was the awesomest day ever for her and she never forgot it!

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