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tHe LaNd Of GLAsS tReEs

Once there were good dwarves and bad dwarves.

The bad dwarves lived in a forest which was so dark and black that even light did not enter there. The forest looked like as if it was made of trees that were burnt.

The good dwarves lived in a forest that was made of glass trees. It was the most amazing forest which was unimaginably beautiful. The fascinating thing about the trees was that they were not non-living trees. These trees not only blossomed with fruits but also gave protection to the dwarves. The trick was that one could only devour the fruits that were fallen as only fallen fruits turned to organic eatable form. If fruit from trees was plucked it would first of all not break even if it broke from the trees stem it would become dust and disappear. So only fallen fruits were collected as only they were eatable. How the trees protected the dwarves was unique. As trees were made of glass it reflected images and thus multiplied them. So if one dwarf came near the trees it looked like 50-60 dwarves were there which was good as they looked more in numbers and thus in those days when strength was counted in numbers they seemed to be more in quantity thus more strong and powerful and any enemy including the bad dwarves were afraid to attack them or challenge them. This secret was only known to the good dwarves who never told it to anybody.

The good dwarves continued their life living and enjoying amongst the glass trees which were always loved and respected.

The bad dwarves always wanted to take over the glass trees forest and destroy the good dwarves. So they were always looking for a way to do that. In the previous battle they had always seen that the number of good dwarves far exceeded (due to reflection of trees) the number of bad dwarves. So whenever they had gone close to the attacking the good dwarves and had reached the border of the dark (which was dark and thus did not cause any reflection by the glass trees) and glass forests they would see that there were tens of thousand of good dwarves standing and defending their glass tree forest so they would have to return back to their dark forest without battling.

Now there was a meeting amongst the bad dwarves. They discussed the same agenda of taking over glass tree forest and capturing the good dwarves. They wondered that even though they were dwarves too but they could never had that much population as that of the good dwarves even though they tried their best. So they said that there must be a secret weapon which the good dwarves had that caused them to have so many of them of their kind. They then decided to send a scout and see how is it possible for them to be always so great in numbers.

The bad dwarf that was chosen to check out the cause of strength of good dwarves was called Wickedy. He was first reluctant and afraid to go to check out the secret of good dwarves but then he agreed.

He choose a day and prepared for it. He had to go near the border of dark and glass forest and enter it to check out the the secret of good dwarves. But he had to be very careful to do that because all along the border there were watch towers of the good dwarves which were always checking for any intruder trying to enter their forest. Wickedy slowly and wickedly hiding behind the dark forest trees reached near the border of forests. There he saw that there were watch towers all along the border and the good dwarves were in them keeping an eye for anybody who dared to enter their land. Wickedy did not know how to enter the highly protected glass tree forest so he stood behind a dark tree and just observed. While he stood behind a dark tree and observed he saw that the movements of a group of dwarves was always similar whatever they did. If one moved right the similar looking dwarves moved in the same direction, if they moved left the similar looking dwarves moved left and if one bended all the similar looking dwarves bended and all was very accurately being followed. First he got afraid to know how disciplined those dwarves were and thus how powerful their attack would be but still he did not leave that place and kept on observing. As he was looking something happened. He saw that a glass apple fell on the ground and turned into a real apple. He then saw a dwarf come down from his watch tower and eat that apple. Now when the dwarf came down to eat that apple he realized that how was it possible that only one apple fell and 50 dwarves are eating the same apple standing at different places he got scared and tried to run back to the bad dwarves. So he did. As he was walking back he realized that he had left the notebook in which he was taking notes of the positions and strength of the good dwarves behind the tree where he was standing. So he went back to get that notebook. He reached the tree and as he picked up the notebook the sun shined brightly at the notebook and since that tree was near glass trees the notebook had a reflection on the glass trees and it looked as if there were 50 of those. Wickedy freaked out again and thought how was it possible. He threw the notebook again on the ground behind the tree and tried picking it up again, he again saw 50 notebooks on the ground and when he picked up 50 hands picked it up and at same speed he started to understand that there is something with the light and the glass trees which were not only beautiful but caused some sort of reflection that caused one thing too look too many. He was rejoiced to know the secret. He immediately rushed back stealthily though and informed the bad dwarves about the secret of the good dwarves. The bad dwarves first mystified but gained mental strength to understand that and rejoiced after knowing this. Then they understood that the good dwarves must be almost same in numbers but only due to glass tree reflections they looked more. So they decided to attack in two months. They wrote a warning letter to good dwarves telling them that they now know the secret of their strength which was because of the reflection caused by trees and that they will attack them in two months. When the good dwarves read the received letter that was attached to an arrow shot towards their land and had landed on ground the good dwarves for the first time in their life had a nightmare. They did not know what to do.

They had to do something so to prevent themselves from getting captured and starved by the evil bad dwarves. They thought for a day and could not come to any conclusion. So they prayed to the fairy godmother to help them out. At that time came a voice “break the trees”. The dwarves did not know what to make of it because breaking trees would mean destroying their own forest which they would never want but then they decided to listen to fairy godmother  and tried breaking a tree. They had never broken a tree before so they first thought that breaking a glass tree would turn into a regular organic tree which will loose its reflective property just like a fallen fruit and leave them more vulnerable to enemies but even then they did and this was not the case. When they brought a axe and tried hitting and cutting the tree it took a lot of dwarves and strength but when they did the  whole tree shattered into glass pieces which was strange because it should have turned into a normal tree but that did not happen. Now the tree got shattered into different small and big size glass pieces which looked beautiful. They took the glass pieces in their hand and checked them out. When they checked out the glass pieces, they found out that they were very pricky and when kept in front of sunlight caused the grass to burst up in flame i.e. it made the sunlight too hot causing it to burn wherever it was directed as sunlight passed through it. They were excited to see that and realized that it could be used as a weapon against the bad dwarves. They at that time thanked the fairy godmother and started preparing for war.

They broke few trees. Since the trees were very big, few trees were enough to accumulate so many glass pieces that could be scattered all across border. Then each good dwarf was told to carry one broken glass piece.

Two months ended and the bad dwarves came to attack. This time they were sure that they would win the war and capture the good dwarves and glass tree forest but they did not knew what lied ahead. The bad dwarves were warned before entering the glass tree forest but they did not paid heed to the warning and tried to run and cross the border. As they started crossing border and running over broken glass pieces their feet got brutally injured and started bleeding they screamed and yelled in pain and turned back. They then decided to shoot arrows towards the good dwarves who warned them again. The good dwarves had shields that defended themselves from attacking arrows. Now the good dwarves took out the glass pieces and aimed at the bad dwarves. Those glass pieces due to sunlight caused the dwarves clothes to lit up and burn with fire. The bad dwarves freaked out and got so scared that they ran back to their forest and swore to never attack again. They realized that good dwarves had many powerful weapons and that they could not win over the good dwarves ever.

Thereafter the good dwarves were never attacked and lived merrily and happily as usual forever after for many generations to come.

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