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ThE MaGiCaL cArT

During the times when pottery was in fashion, there lived an old man who was very hard working and very nice. This man’s name was Fred. Now, Fred was very old and had no family. He earned his daily bread by making pottery. Pots he made were really nice. He did not fore sake quality for quantity. He not only made the pots but used his colour brush to make them look colourful and beautiful. Whatever he earned he spent it to buy food and timber. Timber he used to cook food and keep him warm during winter months.

To make pottery he had to dig in the earth to get clay. He also needed straw to make pottery which he got from backyard of his house. But to get good clay he had to go far to get it. So he had a wooden cart which he took to the clay digging area and filled it up with it. The cart was heavy but he had to use it as he had no other option. It took him three hours to reach the clay area and three hours to come back and therefore he struggled to reach there and come back with it. He could not do any other job because he did not know how to do it. He always wished if he had a helper he could spend less time in travelling, transporting and digging clay and more time in making pottery which would leave him with more money in his pocket. But since he was poor and barely made his ends meet he couldn’t afford a helper. Thus he continued pulling his cart daily and working on his own.

Once it so happened that it was rainy season at that time Fred had to go through a road which had many puddles in it. He was always very careful to go through that road because he did not want himself to get injured and nor did he want anything to happen to his cart’s wheels or cart itself. Now as he was coming back after filling his cart with clay and moving slowly he heard a voice  “careful!  don’t kill me”. Fred immediately stopped moving his cart which being heavy exerted a lot of pressure on Fred but he stopped it there and then. Then he wondered that where did the voice come from and he was actually in a shock thinking how could he or his cart kill anybody. Then he again heard a voice that said “down here”. When he looked down he saw a beautiful pink starfish who then said “hi!”. Fred first freaked out and thought if he has gone crazy because of his old age and that he his hearing things but then he again looked at the starfish and realized that it was really talking to him. Then the starfish said “thank you for saving my life”. Fred asked the starfish that how did he save the starfish’s life. Then starfish told him “ by not squashing me”. Then on moving forward the starfish told the entire incident to Fred. He told him that he was the son of the king of the starfishes and his name was Marer. He told him that he was always bound to the sea because of security issues but he always wanted to explore the outside world someday. So God fulfilled his dream today. Today he saw that it was raining cats and dogs so he decided that today was the time when he could explore so he moved up the river from the sea quickly and stealthily so as nobody comes to know. Then the river due to flood had washed onto this road and thus, he got washed onto this road too. He was exploring the area when suddenly the water level decreased and he gut stuck in this puddle. Now, he wanted to get off the puddle and go back to the sea but was afraid to do so. As there was no water Marer did not wanted to get spotted by any land animal and get eaten by it. So he waited in the puddle until Fred showed up moving his cart wheel over the same puddle where Marer was seeking shelter.

Marer then asked Fred if he could put him back into the river so that he can swim back to sea where he will be safe. Fred told him that he will be more than happy to do so. He left his cart filled with clay there, picked up the starfish and moved towards the river. He then blended and put the starfish safely in the nearby river. When starfish landed in the water it thanked Fred and asked Fred if there is anything he needed from him and that if there was anything that he wanted in his life. Fred simply said that all he wanted was a helping hand. Marer said that should not be a problem and went away thanking again and saying “Good bye! Fred”.

Fred did not know what the starfish meant by saying that it should not be a problem but he went back to his cart thinking that he did a good deed by helping the starfish find his home. Now he went back pushing his cart towards home. When he reached home he was quite late but he still struggled to make few pots and keep them to dry. He slept late that night.

The next day he woke up thinking that he has to go again to get clay for his pottery. So he went near the cart and tried pushing it. When he he tried pushing it he found it difficult to push saw there was way more clay than he had ever got that was sitting on the cart. He was surprised to see that and again wondered thinking about it. He thought that who could have put so much clay on his cart during the rainy night. Then suddenly he heard something. He heard the cart say“I did it master”. Fred jumped with shock thinking that there was a ghost in the cart. But the cart calmed him down and said that there is no need to worry master, the starfish whom you saved life of had put life into me. He also told Fred that he was forever indebted to him because of that and his at his service forever. Fred kept quiet for some time and started feeling a bit relaxed. He then thanked God and the starfish in his mind and then immediately wet to his pottery desk and started making pottery. He now knew that he would be able to make more pottery than usual because now he had a helper which he always wanted. His happiness at that time had no boundaries.

That day he made double the pots because he did not have to go and get clay or straw himself. As time passed the cart became more and more useful. Fred then started concentrating on making more and more beautiful pots and thus getting higher prices for them and started saving money.

In a year or so he saved quite a bit of money. Then he thought of investing it on buying a farm. He knew that he did not needed any helper for him because his cart his companion was enough to help him in plowing and sowing the cart and it was true.

Fred bought a 5 acre farm land. He then bought seeds to sow . Then he bought a plow and tied it to the back his cart - the companion and then the cart was ready to plow the entire field. The cart plowed and sowed in a blink of an eye. Fred became richer and  starting earning more and more money very yield. He then bought more and more farm land.

Whatever money Fred earned, he used  it to help the poor people and poor kids by donating more than half of it. All he wanted was that since he had seen poverty nobody should see or suffer poverty because it’s a hurting experience.

He died happily and seeing smiles on poor people faces. The cart still lives and sows and plows his entire acquired land. It then stores the grain in the granary. Poor kids and people come and take as much grain as they want and go away. They think that Fred before dying had stored so much grain in granary that it will never get over and they will never go hungry but they don’t know that it is the cart who now does the work of Fred i.e. of helping poor people so that they don’t go hungry in the night.

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