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ThE mAgiCaL gLoVeS

In a magical century there once existed a magician. This magician had grown so old that it was difficult for him to do his daily work like carrying stuff or moving things from here to there. He did not know what to do about it so he continued his life living with quite a lot of hardships.

One day a kid knocked at his doors asking for candy. The magician somehow opened the door after walking through great difficulty. After knowing that that the matter involved a candy he felt a bit bad because first of all he had to walk all that way and second of all there was no candy in the house. The kid who had asked for candy was wearing gloves in his hand. This had came to his notice when the kid said bye and then a polite thanks with a sorry coming out of his mouth for causing the trouble to the old magician for coming to the door. The child then went away but that gave the magician an idea. He said to himself "as I need an extra pair of hands so why not get them". He then started working on something to get that first.

During that night he sewed a pair of gloves. In the morning he took those gloves in a dark room which was pitch black and then he casted spells of goodness and poured on them some magical potions while keeping them in a cauldron.

After he had done his work of magic, he suddenly lit a matchstick. As soon as the matchstick was lit the gloves jumped and said "Hello master!” When the magician heard that he was very happy that he had actually got “helping hands". So the magician replied back, "Hello! Jam". (At the spur of movement the magician had named these magical gloves as “Jam”). Jam replied back saying thank you for the lovely hearty name and said “How can I help you?”

The magician at that movement passed away to heavens in happiness and satisfaction. Those gloves did not know what to do at that time so they went outside looking for help but people got scared when they saw those gloves. They got intimidated and ran away after screaming and yelling. Jam  later realized that why people were scared off him. He realized that he had no human form. He could not do anything about that so he left the magician alone and went away sorrowfully . The magician was then buried by the people of that town who came to know abut his demise several days later.

Jam had moved to a new town until that time while travelling in night and darkness. At that time Jam did not know what to do so he just sat on a tree deciding about his future. In a few days he came upon an idea. He had already realized at that time that he was born and made to help and that is what he will do.

“But to help was difficult in there too

because of having no face or a body at all too."

He then made a plan and looked for a boy who was good at heart and was not very well-off. To find out a boy like that he set up a fire putting some logs of woods together beneath the high canopy tree where he was staying. Then he put lots of magical chemicals in his hands and put it in that fire. The fire then sparkled with colours. Near that fire, he made soap bubbles to come out of the tree. As the wind blew, it picked up magically seeing the scene.

This visual was seen by the people of the nearby town. Many people with their kids came to check the beautiful wondrous scenes that were being caused in the vicinity of that tree.

Jam who was hiding in the tree also started his look out for a “good at heart” kid. He saw that all the kids and teenagers were afraid to go near the fire except one. Those kids only played with the bubbles. This one teenager kid went near the tree and touched it with his left hand. Jam realized that that kid was pure of heart.  Jam decided that that will be The kid with whom he will be friends with and so he did. As the show continued everybody admired it while watching. After it ended they started to return back to their homes and houses and so did the-boy. Jam followed the boy to his home secretly.

And so the process of meeting and friendship began. As soon as the little boy went to his room Jam also entered his room by passing through the walls by being not opaque.

Now, Jam had came to know that the kids name was Jillo. When the kid was about to sleep. Jam said "Hi! Jillo" and Jillo said "hi!" back but a little curious at first to hear the voice. But before Jillo tried asking that whose voice it was Jam immediately sprang upon his bed and starting tickling Jillo. Jillo started laughing and then realized that the thing that said hi!" could not be a bad thing so Jillo said "ok ok, I am not scared of you so stop your hilarious movements and tell me why are you doing this?”  Jam had seen that Jillo was from a poor family so Jam asked Jillo:" Is it possible to help me and you by me." Jillo said ." what do you mean by that and then he said "maybe”.

Jam told Jillo that he was not only mobile but magical too. He then told Jillo that he was made by a magician to help and so he wants to help people out. Jillo at once agreed to it. Then Jillo told him that he didn't have enough money for himself or his family and that they have to struggle with their life everyday. Jam said "l know that and that’s why I will help you". Jillo then asked "How'? Jam by that time had come to know that he cut trees for living. So he said that tomorrow when you go to cut wood which is your daily job put one of me in your right hand and put the rest of me in your right foot.

Jillo did as he was told. After doing that Jillo was surprised because that day he had cut 100 times more trees than he usually cut and not only that he had also carried all of them across the river. Jillo was very happy that day. He earned 500 times more than his regular pay and didn't know what to do with that. Jam then told to keep his earnings for himself and for his father and mother which was his family.

Now, Jam told Jillo that he has to help him now as promised. Since everybody was afraid to see Jam alone therefore Jillo wore Jam in his hand and his feet as he did for cutting the wood. Then they ran across the town checked for people with short food supplies and then kept lots of food outside their houses after having magically produced food for them by Jam and went away. When the families saw the food there happiness had no bounds so they thanked god for jam and bread and lots more and had there food.

Jam and Jillo did that forever and secured their future there and thereafter.

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