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tHe mAgiCiAn AnD tHe GoLf SticKs

In olden times there was no term of retirement or no term as retirement especially for magicians. So this is a story about

a magician who had to actually fool his pupils and fellow magician friends to escape his working life and retire. Well, to let you know he actually retired without playing golf or did he? He never played golf ever but still this story is about him and golf sticks.

Once this magician whose name was Jaoumenia was teaching his students magic, outside his house in his backyard. Suddenly the sun became too bright  for him so he closed the class’s session and started going inside his house for rest.

As soon as he was trying to go inside his house a fellow magician who was also his friend came to meet him. When the magician came he said “hi” to Jaoumenia and took out a smoke pan pipe and put tobacco in it. He then lit it after taking a match stick out from a match-box and rubbing it to Jaoumenia magical hat. Jaoumenia was very surprised to see that. He could not understand that how could anybody enjoy in such a scorching heat with sun shining on your face. But it was as it was.

Jaoumenia said to his fellow friend who was also the head of magical society that he would like to stop working and rest till he rests in peace. The head of the magical society said that, that was possible only when he goes to heaven.

At that time Jaoumenia got really angry at him and so he asked his friend whose name was Laneck that how far do you think that heaven would be? Laneck the head of magical society said that." must be very far". So Jaoumenia replied back in rage without thinking much saying “ so you think sun must be on the way to heaven?" Laneck said “of course!” Jaoumenia did not say anything further. He kept quiet maybe because he did not have anything to say or did not know what else to say.

Then Night came in. Jaoumenia closed his eyes while trying to sleep on his bed but the thought of smoking pan pipe and the burning sun kept on bothering him. He then thought for a while and decided that he needed some entertainment.

So, he got up from his bed immediately and crafted a tin shaped and sized bag and then made five slender slicks out of pan pipes that looked like tiny golf sticks. Those things which were golf bag and golf sticks looked very beautiful. There are many beautiful things in the world but how was entertainment possible only through beauty. So he put magical spells on the golf sticks and the golf bag while waiving his hands in air. While he was doing that he heard a screaming voice of a girl that caused the window pane to break.

The magician said in a shock:" what, what? "The magic bag and the sticks had come to life at that moment. The bag had a girls voice and the golf sticks had a voice too but it was boys' voice which was shut in front of the screaming girls voice.

The magician when saw that he said "hello" to them and immediately asked what do you want to do in your life?

The golf bag and golf sticks said things which were as follows. The golf bag said I like talking and the golf sticks said we like to hit, something like a round thing which may be spherical. The magician then immediately produced a ball out of magic which was the size of a small cherry but was surely spherical.

Now, these golf sticks used to play golf in magician’s room and the golf bag used to do a commentary. This used to entertain the magician a lot. One day the magician was watching the golf sticks play with the ball. They were hitting it so fiercely that that it looked like that tiny ball would catch fire. Then magician asked the golf sticks “how far do you think can you hit”. The golf sticks said that so far that nothing could beat us. Magician was happy to hear that and at that time an idea struck him.

The next day he called all the magicians of the magical society and told them what had happened between him and Laneck.

Laneck had told Jaoumenia that he could only rest if he goes to heaven. Jaoumenia then confirmed with everybody that after life only a part of one’s life (soul without body) goes to heavens and to that everybody agreed. Then he also said that Laneck had told him that the sun was on the way to heavens which thus was true.

Then he asked everybody that if a part of me will reach the sun and later heaven then he should be allowed to rest i. e retire. Everybody looked at each other and then said “yes.”

Laneck was in jeopardy because everybody agreed to what Jaoumenia had said.

Jaoumenia then took out a pair of scissors and cut a piece from a strand of his hair. Then he cut opened the small golf ball with knife. After that he put the piece of hair that he had cut before into it and sealed it magically. Everybody saw him doing that.

Then he called the tiny golf sticks by name: ”Jack, Jim, Jeff, Jimer and Jykno”. They all came hopping outside with the golf bag . Then he said to the golf sticks “hit this ball as far as you can” and they agreed.

Then they took positions in the sky hitting towards the sun as was requested by Jaoumenia. They then took turns in hitting. Jack hit it first. He hit it so hard that the ball passed from the Troposphere to the Stratosphere. There Jim was waiting. When the ball reached Jim he hit it further away such that it passed the Stratosphere and entered mesosphere. At the beginning of mesosphere Jeff was standing. He further hit it so bad that it reached thermosphere passing mesosphere. Now Jimer was waiting for the ball there. When it came, he hit it again so that it burned catching fire in the thermosphere while passing through it.  Jykno who already knew that that’s what it’s going to happen did nothing but wrote a letter to the magicians while watching from below that the ball had passed the sun burning and had reached heavens.

All the magicians who were watching with their mini telescopes were dumbstruck but still nodded and said “yes it was true”. the ball carrying Jaoumenia’s hair had indeed reached heavens while passing and burning through the sun. Everybody was utterly shocked and blissfully surprised.

As had been decided Jaoumenia rested till he finally rested in peace and that was when the process of retirement for people took shape. So sometimes you don't have to play golf to retire. Only seeing it or a thought if it can make you retire or maybe sometimes a magic trick can help.

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