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ThE mUsIc MaKeR

Long ago there lived a music maker in a world where everything was solved by his music. His name was Dremlin. People did not know what it was or how it was produced but they knew they liked it. To cure an illness or to cause rain when it was too dry Dremlin was called to play music. His music had cure for all the problems in the world. When there was a relationship problem or when there was flood Dremlin was called to play music. His music caused rain when it was too dry and also evaporated water when there was a flood. So his music was used to solve every problem.

Now nobody knew how this sound was caused or produced because Dremlin never showed it to anybody. Wherever he was called to cause music he just brought a big room size box moved by a horse on wheels. He then went inside the box and did something which produced the sound and solved the situation. He was most sought after, and even the king of used his services for national affairs.

The king always had undaunted success over his enemies in war as he never lost because of the music maker - Dremlin. Whenever there was a war against this king and country Dremlin was called to play music. The music Dremlin played screamed out the people of the attacking nation. The army of his Dremlin’s country was not affected by the music because they wore ear plugs which were specially designed by Dremlin to prevent that pitch of music or squeaky noise from entering ears of ones who will be wearing them and were highly classifieds as secret weapons of Dremlin’s country.

Dremlin was paid highly by the king for his music work.

Now, Dremlin was getting old but his music making should continue, to keep peace in the country and for good of people. He thought of keeping an apprentice. So he started looking for one. Many young people came to get the job of music making but he only found one who he saw some skills in hands that can be made to learn to play music. The young boy’s name was Leemo.

Leemo was very enthusiastic to learn the music but he had never known how it was done. The first day Dremlin only made him listen to it which he played being hidden in the music box. He played an array of different kind of music which Leemo listened the whole day without interrupting. The next day he asked Leemo what he thought it could be, that produced the sound but Leemo had no idea. He did not know what caused those sounds. That day Dremlin took Leemo to his music room/box and showed him all the different instruments that he played to cause music. There were 5 string instruments including a piano and a guitar and the remaining were squeaky, drum instruments and different type of flutes. Next day Dremlin told Leemo to sit inside the music box and just play the instruments without worrying that if they were making any type of sound or not. Leemo listened to Dremlin and did what he said.

He went inside the box and touched the instruments one by one. First he pressed the keys of piano. When he pressed the keys he saw that all the keys had different sounds and they were not just meant for hammering your fingers for comfortable positions. Next he tried plucking the strings of the guitar. He found the same thing for the guitar too that all the guitar strings played different sounds. Same was true for violin, harp and the other string instrument that was called a cello. Next he tried playing the drums. He did not know how they worked so he tried knocking them. When he knocked on the drums’ he heard boom noises which first freaked him out but later he understood that that was what they did. Now, it was time to know the flute instruments. First he touched the flutes and pressed their keys but no sound was produced. He did not understand how to cause sound from them. He then picked up a trumpet and started hitting it with the front flat face of his hand, now this caused sound but that was not much. After doing that for sometime he realized that air caused the sound in the trumpet so he blew air through the trumpet’s mouth. When he blew air through the trumpet’s mouth he realized that vaguely blowing air in the mouth of the trumpet did not work and there was a particular way of holding tongue between the lips and then blowing air which then caused the sounds through trumpet. This caused excitement in him and by that time he was done examining the instruments. He came out and told Dremlin that he tried all the instruments and played them one by one. Dremlin was happy to hear that.

Now Dremlin started taking Leemo to whichever place he was called for his services. Leemo and Dremlin both sat inside the music box, Dremlin played and Leemo saw how Dremlin played and tried to learn and remember how he played for his practice.

Leemo once asked Dremlin that why doesn’t he show his wonderful music instruments to all, so that everybody could play them and solve their own problems. Dremlin told leemo that he had developed these instruments after a lot of hard work and also it was his bread earning source. Leemo argued back saying that even if he shows the musical instruments to people they wouldn’t be able to make as much good music as him and he will still be able to earn his bread but Dremlin did not understand and agreed to it. He said that it was best if people did not know how to play it. Leemo listened to him and kept mum without arguing back again.

As years passed Dremlin became old and Leemo not only learned to play good music as Dremlin but also learnt how to make those instruments. Now, wherever Dremlin was called Leemo had to go as Dremlin was too old to travel even within the village. One day Dremlin died and only Leemo was left to do the music work.

Leemo continued the work. He became rich and prospered. He was respected everywhere.

In those days war got different. Before there was a war between a group of armies but this time there was a war between a group of enemies who came from outside got scattered and attacked civilians and their families including kids and women. This could not be tolerated by the people of the country and also it was not possible for Leemo to go everywhere to save people.

One day Leemo decided that even though he has earned a lot of money but that money was useless if people’s lives could not be saved. So he remembered once he had thought of teaching music to the people of the country so that they would be able to hep themselves and especially in this time of war wherein people were defenseless as the attacking enemy army soldiers were too strong and well equipped which civilians weren’t.

So he made an announcement in the entire kingdom that he will teach music to people so that they could defend themselves as gathering muscles for physical fight took longer and was not possible for all humans to become strong and learn to fight but music learning could be done by almost everybody so he started giving lessons.

People flocked from all over the kingdom to learn the music.

Leemo showed them all kinds of instruments he had and taught them how to make squeaky sounds through a single instrument which was small and was called a squeaker. People learnt that and they tested it while wearing the specially designed earplugs to protect themselves from the sound.

After learning to make squeaky sounds people were able to defend themselves from enemies. People always made themselves and their families wear the ear plugs which allowed hearing of normal conversations but prevented squeaky sounds to pass through their ears which kept their ears safe.

Whenever they saw the enemies attacking them they played the squeaky sound and the enemies freaked and screamed out and ran away and thus there existed peace in the kingdom forever. Later people also learnt to play other types of music and solved their own problems themselves.

Leemo became a minster in the kings court and became more rich but he always remained good at heart and always helped people.

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