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tHe rAiNbOw tHaT wAs bLaCk AnD wHiTe

We as humans are used to and frequently enjoy 24 hours shops on planet earth. People who are living in metropolitan cities have many 24 hours shops at their disposal and also they can’t live without it. When people want things they go to these 24 hours shops and get them. This gives them peace.

This was not the case with many nocturnal creatures in this story. These creatures were called Naoughteiy. These creatures lived on a tiny planet whose name was Laouteiy and was about a million light years away from earth. That planet had a sun and a moon and had life supporting characteristics.

These creatures as already told were nocturnal and therefore did not come out during the day to work and run their shops and livelihood. Their shops were built on the surface of that planet but their houses were built underground. Their shops and houses were nothing less than spectacular. They were decorated beautifully. Even if they did not like sunlight they still built their shops on the surface of that tiny planet. This was because they separated work from enjoyment. They did not wanted to work and get disturbed after hours.

Now as their civilization advanced some of these creatures wanted to come to surface even during day (which is sleeping time of nocturnal creatures) to do shopping. But two things hindered them from doing so.

First was that nobody worked during day in the shops and second was the sunlight that inhibited them from going on the surface. These creatures had created many sources of artificial lighting which did not bothered their eyes or their body but could not prevent something like sunlight from disturbing them or their eyes. ( These lights were also used to decorate their shops and homes.)

Since many naoughteiys found money in the concept of 24 hour shops their government started funding some scientists to make something that could prevent the sunlight from bothering them so that they could also do shopping during day and have 24 hour shops on their planet.

Naoughteiy scientists started working on making something that could make shopping during day happen. They tried many things but could not succeed.

After few years their was born a boy in the naoughteiy community whose name was Saoumeiy. He knew what was going on in their community and about the massive funding that was being given to develop something that caused naoughteiys to do shopping during day. As he grew up he did not see anybody make anything like that but what could he do so he continued attending his classes first in school and then in high school.

Since he also wanted 24 hour shops he eagerly awaited for that day. While he used to attend his school he used to think what if nobody during his lifetime could invent something that could make shopping on surface during day possible. He used to get depressed thinking that and wanted to do something about it.

That night he was sleeping in his room in his underground home he looked up to the sky and saw something. He saw white clouds floating in the sky and sometimes coming in front of moon and thus creating a shadow from moonlight.

At that instance he thought that what if he created a cloud or smoke that encompassed the entire planet and did not allow the sunlight to enter the visible zone then it maybe possible to do shopping during day.

Next day he went to his school lab and started working on it. He started skipping all his classes from that day and only concentrated on making the cloud which he thought, in the lab. He started experimenting on making a cloud that filtered the sunlight and allowed only the good light which was possible for naoughteiys to tolerate.

Saoumeiy did many experiments. Sometimes there was a blast. Sometimes there was nothing. And sometimes it formed a solid rock out of many experimental reactions that he did.

Sometimes his teachers used to worry about him and used to ask him if he was okay. Whenever asked that Saoumeiy replied that he was okay and continued doing his experiments and skipping classes. He also said that he did not mind missing classes even if his teachers thought that it was a waste of time for him to just experiment without learning the theory.

One day he was working on creating the same cloud when suddenly an explosion of gas occurred. The gas that was formed was formed when he mixed some unique chemicals in a definite ratio.

His eye glasses which he was wearing were completely filled with the material that was exploded out of the mixture. Saoumeiy got scared and worried and thought that he would not be able to see anymore but something came in his mind and he remembered that he was wearing glasses so he touched the glasses and removed them. He was very happy that he could see. But to his astonishment he saw that he could see better through this fine cloud that was formed and the colours around were visible too. He suspected that this cloud could be answer to his efforts.

The chemicals he had put in to test tube he had already kept a record of them so he did not have trouble finding the chemicals which he used to do the experiment when he did it again.

He then took same chemicals in same amount the next morning and went to the opening of the surface. There he sat in shadow underground and let the same chemical reactions to occur.

This time he was at a distance from the reacting substances. When the gaseous explosion occurred the gases spread out in the open air on the surface. He then tried checking if he could see in the sunlight without blinding himself or causing harm to his body.

When he checked out, he saw that even though it was morning and sun was shinning brightly he could see clearly the shops and lights in them and his body did not become uncomfortable during the sunlight.

He cried Awesome! Yes! I did it.

After making sure that this cloud chemical was good to go he went back to his school and told his teachers about it. His teachers did not believe at first but then told him to show it to them.

When all of them went and he did the experiment again and showed it to his teachers they were really surprised to see it and said that yes it was true and was working.

Saoumeiy’s teachers told about this to the society of naoughteiys who tested the chemicals and confirmed that yes it was true that the cloud formed by the reaction of those chemicals was good enough for the naoughteiys to go to surface during day and see through it without harming their eyes. They also confirmed that it was safe for everybody including kids of naoughteiys.

The naoughteiy’s society awarded Saoumeiy with a huge amount of money and certificate of achievement and excellence.

Now since these creatures had artificial lighting they failed to realize that the sunlight also produced colours.

Also since these creatures started coming out during day they started seeing rainbows formed in the sky during day but always saw it black and white. At that time they did not know that rainbows had colours in them too but still they enjoyed the beautiful shaped thing that got formed and called it a blessing. The rainbow although was black and white but was something that they could not have seen without going in the shade of the sun.

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