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tHe sOn

Once on a planet similar to earth existed human like creatures including some giants. These giants would devour then as game meal or simply as food.

These human like creatures were called Ticklicks. Ticklicks, since as told were human like creatures were  bound by feelings of hearts and therefore felt terrorized by the Act of devilness which was exhibited by those giants. Giants were not only huge in built and height but also had magical powers. But, the magical powers that the giants had were unique to each of the giant and thus no two giants had the same magical powers.

There also was a king of giants and after long time was born a son to the king of the giant. When his son was born his happiness know no bounds. He named his son as Barafelony. As Barafelony grew up he had realized that he had new magical power to call his own. He had the power to minimize and to multiply.

As Barafelony's started going to school his friends would laugh upon him because they would think that since he was a giant’s son his power should actually increase the size of things rather than minimize them if and when he required. The giants believe in big and minimizing power was considered to be a curse. But Barafelony could not do anything about it. The other reason why they laughed  at him was because Barafelony could not eat meat and was therefore a vegetarian. This biological gift or curse made him not be able to eat ticklicks.

Despite this Barafelony grew up to a giant size and was healthy in all ways. He loved nature and peace. He had always thought about sustaining all forms of life. Now his thoughts would be possible if ticklicks did not get exterminated by ruthless giants. He wanted to save ticklicks anyhow but could not find a way.

One day Barafelony went to see a circus show. There he saw that a trickster clown take out a small ring twice the diameter of his little funny finger’s radius. Then he took a straw and tried to adjust it in the ring such that it stays bound with the ring and does not fall. The straw which was too small could not fit the ring perfectly as the ring was too big. It would only pass through it and fall. The trickster clown kept on trying and the straw kept on passing through and falling down on the ground. Then the joker tried cutting the straw in half from its side to make it smaller and lighter so that it could stay in the ring but still he could not achieve what he wanted.  Giants laughed at that silly clown. Finally his idiotic brain came to pass. He brought multiple straws and fit them into the ring perfectly binding them with it. This put an end to people’s laughter and realized that the clown had brains too.

Barafelony kept on thinking about the clown’s act. After much thinking he came up with an idea. He had actually gotten an idea to save Ticklicks from the cruel giants including his father.

He went home and gathered some wood. Then he built a wooden house from it. He then put all the resources like water, mud and seeds in the house. He had now wanted to use his power to shrink or minimize a thing. So with all his might he puffed air in his body and drank water that gave all the giants there magical powers. Then he blew air on top of the house running all around it while doing so. Then he used his next power. With all his might he multiplied the house to make it 10,000 in number . Those 10,000 houses were so small that they could fit in the palm of his hand. Then he built a frame around a cardboard and put the houses in them. The houses were so small and also they were arranged in such a way in that frame that they looked like a 2 dimensional thing i.e. looked like a painting of dots in that frame.

It was now time to show his actual giant powers. He multiplied himself to a 100 in number with magic and then all of him puffed in air and drank the water causing magical powers. He then blew the air all over that planet. This magical air and that magic was meant for ticklicks and ticklicks alone. All the ticklocks shrank to a size of dust grain. There were approximately 5000 Ticklicks left during atet time on that planet. They all shrank and then the giant who was 100 in number at that time collected them by going two each of there houses using powerful glass lenses to locate them. He then put them in that cardboard frame with houses which only the Ticklicks could explore and enjoy.

From that day on the Ticklicks and their life was safe . As far as giants were concerned they thought they had eaten all the Ticklicks and never looked for them again.

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