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tHe StArS aNd ThEiR sToRy

Ever wondered why there are only 12 stars that affect the seven continents on the earth and why was there a Pangea at first. Also ever wondered why did it break up but still moves? Why is the earth made of 7 large tectonic plates which further move shorter plates? Well it’s just not for fun or theory, there is a reason behind it.

The reason is a story that took place quite a long time ago after the earth had formed and there existed only a single landmass called Pangea. God had made a single landmass so that all people could live in harmony and peace with each other and be together in time of need but this was not going to happen. To test the earth God sent few of his demigods at first. Initially amongst them were 2 gods, one was Sagittarius and one was Capricorn.

This all happened during the spring time when everything was appropriate and beautiful. This today is represented as the Aries star or constellation. Now after the 2 gods came to earth they played and enjoyed there but the gods have feeling too so there aroused a mixed feeling among one of the gods which is called as Pisces and represents two fishes swimming in opposite directions i.e. one wants to go towards fantasy and one wants to go towards reality. Since Sagittarius who is half human and has a lower body of a horse and is a Demi god developed a feeling that he could be the real God on this mortal land and universe. He had seen and known that the real God had created planets, moons and stars etc. He wanted to create some planets of his own too because he boasted about being the real God of earth with Capricorn.

Capricorn after coming to earth liked and lived in the waters as his most of the body was fish-like. He could not stop Sagittarius for this reason and secondly Sagittarius was stronger than Capricorn in god powers so Capricorn did not come in his way at first.

At first Sagittarius decided that he will break the earth into 7 parts and would thus form 7 earths and they would all be for his future family on mortal lands. He knew that when he would break the earth the water would leak and thus Capricorn would have to go back i.e. he will die from earth as he would not be able to live without water.

He started his quest. He tapped the earth hard with his godly hoofs and started to break it. Capricorn at first though that it would not be possible to break the earth but Sagittarius was determined to do so and he cracked the landmass which was Pangea into seven land masses. Seeing that Capricorn became horrified and made a magical poisonous crab (which is now called cancer) that at night went and stung Sagittarius with the poison but the poison would take time to effect.  The next thing he did was that he prayed to the almighty God. God who heard Capricorn’s prayers sent four more gods to the earth. He at first sent a bull and a lion god. These gods came on earth and told Sagittarius to stop doing what he had planned to do but he did not listen to them. So there was a huge godly battle between them and of course the lion god and the bull god won. They subdued Sagittarius and by that time the poison of cancer had put him to silence too making him go back to where he came from where he realized his folly. Then came the two peace gods Aquarius and Virgo who restored the earth and brought food and peace there. After that a balance was restored among many things and almost everything. But since they were only Demi gods they could not make it 100 percent right like God does so the earth’s continents still moves and still there are droughts etc. But majorly everything goes almost okay.

So these gods are now represented as stars while some in their forms still rule the earth kingdoms in animal forms and take care of their civilizations.

That is why Aries stars though although looks like an axe but is the first zodiac sign and tell about the spring that was sprung and started it all. Similarly other star constellation that look a bit different but are what they are and how humans perceive them because the gods affect them sometimes.

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