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tHe TeLe-PoRtEr

There was a town named Bloomingsville. Just like the name the people who lived in the town were happy and blooming.

There was a man  in Bloomingsville named Happysome. He was the favourite of all kids in the town. He loved kids and gave them presents, that were rare to find in the entire country. He brought them such different kinds of candies and cakes that were not easy to find. He was basically Santa Claus of the town.

He earned his livelihood by selling medicines. He earned quite a good amount of money with that but spent it all on buying presents for children during Christmas.

Now, how he arranged presents for the Christmas was a secret.

While studying science of making medicines he started making different kind of machines. He always wanted to make a teleporting machine so that he can go to whichever place on entire earth and whenever he wanted. He wanted to see different places on earth before he died and since there were no airplanes at that time it would had been very difficult for him to go and see each and every place on earth without that.

But after various tries he made a tele-porting machine.

He was happy about that and thought where to go first? He did not know at that time so he went to various different places on earth and saw different beautiful things on on earth. Even after seeing this he was not satisfied. He wanted to do something more. He said to himself “All that there is in the world is to see children smile. So I should do something for the kids in my town.”

After being said that he started preparing for coming Christmas.

He went to different places of Earth by tele-porting through his tele-porting device and bought several difficult to find toys, candies and cakes and brought them home.

During the Christmas night he gave all the kids of Bloomingsville very beautiful toys and presents. The kids of the town were amazed to see such kind of presents and were very happy.

They thanked Happysome and wondered where he got the presents from. All he said was that he had machine that made all that presents. All the kids wanted to see the machine but he never allowed them to see it.

On one Christmas Happysome was coming from his last trip of buying presents from other countries when suddenly his machine failed. He somehow managed to teleport himself to Bloomingsville but that was the last trip of teleporting. When he checked the machine the machine had got rusted and could not be used again to teleport.

Now, the only way to teleport was to make a new machine which would take him more than a year’s time and Christmas was less than a year so he did not know what to do. He was stuck. But he devised a plan to get Christmas presents for the next year also.

He told everybody that he would be going on vacation for a year and thus his medicine shop will remain closed for a year or so.

Now he had decided to travel the entire Earth to bring presents for kids without the teleporting machine. For this he had to travel on land and on water. But to travel on land and water at the current speed would take him longer than a year and therefore to collect all the rare and beautiful presents before Christmas would be impossible. So he devised a plan.

He bought a horse and attached 4 springs to each of the horses hoofs so that they could run faster.

Secondly, He built a big “O” shaped canvas air bag.

After doing that he departed Bloomingsville on the horse and took the big “O” shaped canvas airbag with him.

He reached the port where a medium size ship was docked and asked the captain of ship if he could make some adjustments to ship to cause it to have less drag. The captain was happy to hear that and allowed Happysome to do the adjustment.

Happysome went near the ship’s base and attached the “O” shaped canvas air bag around it. He then filled air in it and because of that the ship got lifted above.

What he did was although the water friction was still there on the ship’s movement but he reduced the direct water drag by attaching a big canvas bag filled with air to the base of the ship touching water. This made the ship more lighter and thus it moved faster.

Now on the ship he visited different ports from where he collected the presents and when he was sailing on the ship he built the teleporting machine in his room. The places which were not easily accessible by the ship he went there on the horse who had springs attached to its hoofs and made the trip faster.

Now, it was time for Christmas and he had collected all the presents by that time and had returned to Bloomingsville. By that time he had also built more than half of his teleporting machine and was able to complete it till next Christmas.

This time he made the machine with a better material so that it lasts a life time.

So the Christmas did not go in vain.

All the kids got their rare and awesome presents from Happysome and enjoyed the Christmas to the maximum.

Happysome also completed the teleporting machine before next Christmas and thereafter continued the use of teleporting machine for getting presents for the kids of Bloomingsville.

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