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ThE wAtChMaKeR AnD tHe tiNy bEiNgS

Once there lived a watchmaker who used to work very hard and meticulously every day to earn his daily bread by fixing watches. He had a small watch shop and a small house attached to it where he lived. This watchmaker had turned old fixing the watches therefore he was very experienced in it . He was thus able to fix every type of watch that was ever made.

Now one day he was fixing a watch but in amidst of it had to go to the nearby shop to get something. When he came back and got back into his shop to continue fixing the watch, he found that one of the gear of the watch which he was fixing which was also the smallest gear of the watch was missing. He then wondered for a while . He was amazed to see that why only one gear of the watch was missing. He checked everywhere where he was working to find the gear but could not find it. He looked beneath the table and in his pockets but could not find it there too. He then thought that if somebody had to steel why would he steal only one gear why wouldn’t that person steel the whole watch or other watches which had come to him for repair as he had also checked other watches which were intact.

Then he just forgot about it and let that moment go unremembered. After few days he was working again and found another gear of watch which he was working on was missing. This made him remember the other day when the smallest gear of one of the watch got missing and that he to order a new gear for that watch. But how were the gears of watches missing. In his entire life of fixing watches such incident of missing gears had not occurred in his shop.

But what could he do he just ordered the part and went to his house in the evening. He then had  his dinner and slept.

During the night when he was sleeping and heard lots of racket in his kitchen. So he woke up and was on high alert. He slowly crawled towards his kitchen. He then stood behind a door and saw that small beings just an inch high had his refrigerator open all the way and were transferring food item through slides and ropes from the refrigerator to more of their kind of beings who were standing down on the floor. When he counted, there were 50 of the tiny beings in all working on stealing the food.

He was shocked and totally surprised to see them and to see them do that. He then realized that these beings were the one who might have stolen the gears from the watches. So without fear he came out of the door and said “Hi! little beings”. The beings tried to run away from there but he caught the ear of one of the beings with his finger and got a hold of him. He then said that “I am not going to harm you, I just want to be your friend”. All the tiny beings that were running stopped and saw that indeed he was telling the truth.

Then they came near him and told him that they were sorry that they were stealing his things. They then told him that why they were stealing his goods was because there was a marriage in their house of the eldest daughter of the family who lived in his house and they wanted supplies for the celebration.

The watchmaker then asked what was the schedule of the events in the marriage. The father of the daughter who was listening then came forward and told him that the events gonna last for 2 months and that there will be 10 events for her daughter’s wedding.

Then the watchmaker had a question. He asked the family of tiny beings that how long had they been living in his house. The father of the yet to be bride told that since the time he had moved there after its brand new construction. Then the watchmaker exclaimed and said” Hmmm!”

He then told the tiny beings that no matter how tiny they are, stealing is not a way of life. So he asked them if they knew how to work. All the tiny beings said yes. He then asked them to tell him about the field of their expertise. All of them told him that they were skilled to do mechanical work. He then asked that was that the reason that they stole the gears of the two watches? They said “yes” and “no”. They then told him that they had a small well in their house which was beneath the floor of watchmaker’s house and that well’s pulley had broken and they needed the two gears to make a pulley for their water supply.

The watchmaker then thought for a while and said that if you know mechanical work then you can surely fix watches and also it will be easier for you to do so as you can sneak your little fingers in them to do the fixing. The beings confirmed that they could do that.

So the watchmaker exclaimed and said that was good. He said that from now on they don’t have to steal to earn food. He has found a perfect job for them. He told them that they could work in his shop from now on and whatever food or things they need will be provided to them by him.

The tiny beings agreed to it and did as they were told.

The tiny beings used to work inside a room in his shop and fixed watches quickly. The watchmaker’s work also increased. Whatever watch came he used to put tiny notes on a paper and attach it to the watches for the tiny beings to read. While the tiny beings worked inside the watchmaker worked outside.

He told the tiny beings that they don’t have to hide anymore from now on in his house. The watchmaker had three rooms in his house. He made one room as the bedding area and put beautifully made tiny beds in it and in the second room he made a recreation/sports/games room for his tiny friends.

He made a small swimming pool with slides attached to it and kept it in their sports room. Then he made all the playable swings in that room. He put an electric carousel there, then he made a small roller coaster in that room for his friends to enjoy. He also put many playable things like jumping swings and to and fro swings in that room.

The tiny beings were wonderstruck to see all that was made for them. They thanked him heartily but the watchmaker used to say that it was all the hard work of the tiny beings and not of his. He used to tell them that they had earned it.

The tiny beings had a wonderful marriage party and all the relatives forever lived in the watchmaker’s house and earned their bread and enjoyed there.

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