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ThE WitCh tHaT LOsT hEr FLYiNg BrOoMsTiCk

Do witches lose their flying broom stick on which they fly? Is it possible for that to happen?

I think so.

It so happened that in a small town named Witch-town lots of witches and humans lived together but witches had separate places to stay in.

This witch whose name was Kara lived with her fellow witches in a big building called Witch-Palace.

It so happened that the lady who used to come to clean Witch-Palace did not do a very good job. The cleaning lady used to clean very untidily and the witches living in the Witch-Palace didn’t like that.

So one day all the witches had a meeting and decided to lodge a complaint against the cleaning lady. They gave this job to Kara.

So Kara went to the owner of janitorial services under whom the cleaning lady was working and lodged a written complaint against the cleaning lady. She also got mad at the owner.

The owner after facing all that, fired the cleaning lady whose name was Betty.

Betty felt very bad about that and thought of teaching Kara and witches a lesson.

What she did was the next day she sneaked into the Witch-Palace and went to Kara’s room and hid at a place where nobody could suspect and waited for sometime. When she saw that Kara had returned after her daily flying activity and had gone to bed to sleep after keeping flying broomstick on the side wall, she immediately came out from her hiding place and took her flying broomstick and ran away. Nobody came to know about this until the next day when Kara screamed after realizing that her broomstick was missing.

It was not that the broomstick could be used by others to fly around . But it could be used to do other magical things.

Now it takes a year and a half to make the broomstick and after that witch’s get used to it and can’t live without it as they do all their magic and tricks with it.

So the Kara along with other witches of Witch-Palace was upset. The witches didn’t realize that Betty could have done it. They went in all directions and tried looking for the broomstick while Kara waited in her room at the Witch-Palace.

The witches went far and wide and searched all around but could not find it. Actually Betty had stolen that broom and thrown it in the garbage burning site as she did not know how to use it for herself and thought that it was useless and risky for her to keep it. Also she wanted to see it get destroyed.

The witches couldn’t have possibly thought that the broomstick could have been thrown in garbage as the broom was a precious object.

Kara’s broom that was thrown in the garbage burning site was found by a garbage worker who was a young teenager and was poor. The garbage boy’s name was Frank who lived in great poverty. The garbage boy saw the broom and it looked nicely crafted to him so he took the broom to his home without realizing that it was a witch’s broom.

He did not needed the broom to clean or sweep but to use it to play with his pet dog .

Now to make the broomstick a plane stick and to start playing fetching game with his dog he had to clear the straw that was attached to it. So he decided to remove it. Now while removing he started singing “broom broom how big you are but can you be useful to me and make me some food?” The broom suddenly came into action and through magic from the broomstick came out a big cauldron and it then put some vegetables and water in the cauldron along with salt and pepper and in fraction of seconds made delicious soup and meals for both the dog and Frank.

The boy was very happy seeing this and he immediately realized that it must be a witch’s broom but he tried to sit on it and fly but he couldn’t so he doubted that. But still it was a good thing for him that it could make food for him and serve him when he returns home from work.

Now for a few days he ate good food and then one day he thought what else could it do. He wondered if it could make him a rich man.

But before asking for it he thought that he should change the way he looks because just in case the broomstick actually makes him rich and then people might think that he has stolen somebody’s money.

So he asked the broom, “Broom Broom make me rich and change my appearance” and in an instant his face transformed to better looking face and his small cottage which was far away from town transformed in a big mansion with a chest inside the mansion filled with lots of gold pieces. Frank jumped in excitement seeing this and thought that this broom stick was the best thing that ever happened to him but he was careful to use it so that it does not come in the eyes of others.

But to know a witches broomstick derives magical power from the witch who owns it by draining witches life and energy. So the more magic you do from the broom stick and the bigger the magic is the more the witch’s life and health reduces which takes time to replenish. That is why witches look thin and creepy and do tricks only when they think it is required by them and they really want it. So thy don’t waste their magic and blood.

Now the boy didn’t knew that and started doing magic daily with lots of demands everyday and there, Kara started getting weak day by day. Kara’s friend witches saw this and became alarmed because Kara had lost all her strength and had difficulty even walking and had become just like an old helpless women.

Kara’s friend witches realized that since Kara is becoming extremely weak day by day somebody must be doing lots of magic using broom stick which should be somehow visible. So they started search again in all directions and looked for clues.

One of the witch was flying over forest saw this big mansion which was never there before and looked newly built. She suspected something strange about that mansion and returned back to Witch-Palace and informed other witches about this. The witches suspected that it could be that Kara’s broom is being used for magic there so all of them at once went to the Frank’s mansion on their flying broomsticks and observed from the sky what was going on. They saw that a broom was being asked to do different things and broom was doing it. One of the witch took out a witch’s binocular and saw that the broom that was being used for magic, was no other than Kara’s broom.

So, immediately all the witches stormed Frank and the mansion and seized Kara’s Flying Broomstick from Frank. All witches thought that Frank had stolen the broom but then they did magic on him and found out that he had got it from garbage burning site and broom told them that Betty had stolen it from Kara.

The witches left Frank’s mansion just as it was and warned him to be careful with broomsticks next time. He promised and sweared that he will never use magic from any broomstick or anything ever.

If witches would have converted the Frank mansion back to small house then they would have required lots of magic and would have drained more life from witches and since Frank did not steal it and prevented it actually from burning in the garbage the mansion was like a present for him from the witches.

Kara got her broom stick back. It took a while for her to become young and energetic but she did got well and was back in her original witch energy.

And about Betty who stole the broom, she was thrown in a witch prison for many years to come and she still cries there for draining life blood off a witch.

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