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tHe wiTcH tHaT gAvE cUrSeS oN hALLoWeEn 


Long ago in hell when only witches lived in it there lived a witch named Aclifomy. Aclifomy was very fond of candies. But in hell witches got whatever they wanted except candies as candies are meant for kids and not for adults and all the witches that existed in hell were adults. So Aclifomy never got a chance to have candies. She only enjoyed the memories of it when she used to have it as a child when she was on earth. Whenever she tried convincing her friends to make candies her friends told her that they were adults now and didn’t like candies anymore. They also used to advise Aclifomy that she should stop thinking about candies and concentrate more upon how to further enhance witchcraft. So she tried but couldn’t concentrate on witchcraft enhancements.


One day she got real mad and decided that she would do whatever it takes to get candies so she decided to transform into a mortal body girl and enter earth’s realm and get candies. But the only time she could reach earth was Halloween night which was a 5 days ahead. So she waited for that night very eagerly and impatiently.


After 5 days Halloween night came. She immediately transformed into a human girl and entered earth’s atmosphere and then landed on earth without anybody knowing about it on earth. 


As soon as she landed she saw a group of kids dressed up as ghosts and witches. Those kids were going from house to house and saying “ trick or treat” and thus getting candies. Seeing that Aclifomy decided to dress as a ghost too and ask for candies. But since she did not had candies for more than one million years she was desperate to get candies and wanted all of them. 


To do that she got mixed up with the crowd of the kids and went from house to house in that neighbourhood asking for candies. But her demand was a little different. Instead of saying “trick or treat”, she said “trick or treat for me all” but the people who were giving candies did not give all the candies to Aclifomy. They only distributed the candies uniformly to all the kids. This made Aclifomy more mad and then she decided to take revenge.


At that time it was 5 to 12 and her portal to hell realm would be closed if she does not enter her realm before 12 am but at that time she had already decided to stay. 


That night she spent alone in the dark underneath a tree dressed up as a plant. Whatever candy she got she did not eat it because she was not satisfied with few candies, she wanted a lump some. So she just saved them in her small but huge magical pocket. 


The next day she woke up got a house for rent in the same neighbourhood and started living there. 


Now, she made up a plan, she said to herself that the people of this neighbourhood never gave all the candies to one person because they either think they are too nice or they don’t know if witches are for real. She had already decided to teach a lesson to the people of that neighbourhood so she waited for next Halloween.


Next Halloween she set up a poster on her door stating “Free hair cutting along with treats for Halloween”. Children who saw that poster were delighted to see it and all went to Aclifomy’s house first. Aclifomy was waiting for them. When the kids came she brought her magic scissors that cut in a second the hair of kids to the style they wanted. So there were 6 kids who came to her that night. She cut all of the six kids hair and gave them the previous year’s candies. But they did not knew that the candies were cursed by the witch a night earlier.     


When the kids went away she collected the hairs of kids and separated them with a blow of magic air coming through her lungs and flowing out through her mouth. Then she took one hair per child and prepared a cauldron. She put in it, a magic powder and lay a fire beneath it. Then she kept on stirring it and said the evil magic words “ The owner of hair shall not pass until I get my wish alas. Let them turn into the ornaments of music till I pass”. Then without wasting time she put the 6 hairs of kids in the cauldron. Poof! A magic happened. The kids who had eaten all the witches candies by that time were there at there home. They suddenly froze and got stuck to the ground. Then in a jiffy they turned into different musical instruments. One turned into a set of drums, other into a piano, next turned into harp, fourth turned into a trumpet, fifth turned into a bagpiper and the last who was a girl turned into a set of flutes.


The witch then decided to check her magic. She then strained the hair from the cauldron and started hitting each hair with her magical hands. As soon as she did that the whole neighbourhood screamed out, one, with the loud ugly noises that the kids turned musical instruments were playing and the second, the scream of the people itself. 


People then realized that their kids were missing and did not know where the musical instruments had come from so they became worried. They wept all night wondering where their kids were.


Then the witch waited for 100 days and told in a musical tone that their kids were with them but they were turned into musical instruments because of a witch and the only way to get them transformed back into their kid form was that they had to give all the candies on Halloween to her. 


Then the parents wanted to know how was that possible if they did not know who she was. 


So she kept on making kids or the musical instruments scream many times a day until Halloween came.


Why she waited for halloween to get candies because in those days it was a tradition that candies had to be made at home and not bought from market for Halloween. So people used to collect the materials during different seasons and make tremendous amount of candies for kids`during Halloween distribution.


Then she said a musical message through kids that 

“ A hat will appear with a spear on the Halloween night dears, throw in as much candy as you clearly dear, only then the kids will come out of their musical fear, otherwise the wrath will be a player till the end of all of you dears”.


The people knew then whom to give candies to during the halloween night.


So they made tremendous amount of candies to give to the witch and save their kids. As the Halloween night approached the witch sent her hat flying and floating in air to all the houses. When the people heard a knock from the spear they opened the doors and filled the bottomless witches hat with loads of candies and emptied all their stock.


When the hat collected all the candies it vanished and appeared in front of Aclifomy who did not waste time and opened a portal and went back to hell taking all the candies with her to enjoy for many years to come until she came for more.


The kids turned musical instruments immediately transformed back into kids and screamed a scream of happiness and thanked their parents for saving them from witch’s clutches.


That night was a true Halloween night for parents, kids and the witch-Aclifomy.

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